Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ok, so 10 days later I AM BACK in BLOGLAND! It's been lovely to read about everyone's Easter breaks and chocolatey adventures.

Brisbane was a fantastic break, I was super lazy and all I did was swim (weather wasn't great, so that was just a once off), eat, play board games, read trashy magazines and a trashy crime novel my friend had lying around. It was good to get away from home, otherwise my so-called "relaxing time" gets thwarted when I see the Mini-Georges being created in hair piles in each corner...

Dr-Mr is still somewhere else, lost in New York (NO, NOT JEALOUS AT ALL AHEM!). His mobile is only working intermittently and so I haven't heard from him for a day or two and now I am starting to feel SULKY. But ok... Georgie meanwhile is moping around and is SUPER CLINGY. When I got back from Brisbane, he moved off his comfortable sleeping mat (he has 4 in the house, is that ridiculous?) to sleep on the floor next to the bed and I was feeling all touched at how LOYAL he was and how HAPPY he was to have me home and how much he must LOVE me, when I realised it was stormy and he was frightened and seeing me as a massive shelter. Pish-tosh to you George.

Back to Georgie Love, I spent Tuesday before going back to the day job updating lots of goodies on the site - wonderful new things from the delicious Trove...

How beautiful are her pieces? The lovely Brooke was super kind and gave us a ring from her collection in the most PERFECT SHADE OF GREEN (same paper and colour as this pendant - super tempted to make them match!). I have not stopped wearing it - thank you lady!

Some of the new pieces have already disappeared since Tuesday, so obviously others are as excited to have new stock of hers on the site as I am!

I CANNOT keep Frankie & Ray's wonderful neckwarmer scarves in stock for very long at all! I put 6 online on Tuesday evening and two are already winging it to their new homes! They are the softest merino wool, look adorable on and of course do a brilliant job of keeping your neck snug. I have one (obviously) in green and am tempted to get a lovely blue one for the 2008 Winter.

I have some really gorgeous and quirky bags from By Alison Rose on the site, but she has added these sweet and simple brooches to her range. I don't care that Easter is over, Bunnies are an ANYTIME treat.

Ok, of course there are still many delicious things to come (I challenge you, when is there not?!)... all in good time!

Happy post-Easter detox to you all!