Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ok, so it's 38 degrees in Melbourne today and have I ever told you that in my day job OUR OFFICES ARE NOT AIRCONDITIONED. !!!!!!! I have portable units in the 2 offices next to me, so the doors are open and they are spewing cool-ish air out to me, but I dread the afternoon in the GIANT BLACK MONOLITH that is this building.

However, in lovely news, Michigirl has again picked something from GeorgieLove to spread joy to the local fashionistas, which is fairly AWESOME.

They have been very kind to GL and have taken a fancy to Made by White, but their stuff is adorable, so who wouldn't?

I am selling out of stuff left/write/center at the moment, so I will be gently nudging everyone for more stock soon.

Apart from all that, I am now heading back into my CRANKY CAVE. I am so tired this week that I am fairly intolerable to be around. Too many late nights, my own fault! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I am however excited about having a wee break over Easter. I am heading North... ah... to the sun?


Michelle said...

I can't believe your employment doesn't have air conditioning. I mean, it's not like you work for Main Roads or something, is it?

That gun and heart Made by White brooch is so amazing - I am having such a horror of a day it has been hard no clicking on the "add to cart" on that listing. I think it would tell my colleagues I mean business, no? They might also leave me alone ...