Friday, March 14, 2008

Ridiculous Things I Have Done This Week

It's Friday and I can only express my joy in this occasion with what I like to call my HAPPY TEXT DANCE: "8**#^^@&%%$)@)@__@)!(@)(!)@($*(#*$%&&$^*HHJKH&*^%*&^@NMCNMDF"!!!!


As indicated, I spent the first half of the week running around in my CRANKY PANTS, but I have bucked up for the weekend. I have realised this though: I have done some stupid or ridiculous things this week.

1. Spending $40 on a 3.5 kilo bag of dog food. Ok, it's much discussed that a) I love my dog and b) I am trying to save money. But here is another thing: don't go shopping late on a Thursday night while you are a) tired b) scratch that no, really, really tired, c) full of sushi d) ok, to be honest, full of sushi, miso and white wine.

I feed George a mix of fresh bones, rice, some kibble in between and the like. I have been recently buying him the top grade stuff that the supermarket sells (ahem), but alas it is making him smell. So I went to the pet store and took a bag of science diet to the counter ($27 for 3 kilos) when the 14 year old sales assistant overwhelmed me with her hard sell for this supposedly AMAZING dog food that is so good, it's of human grade quality. She then offered me some to eat. Which, even in my altered state, I turned down. But her enthusiasm was infectious and I walked out with a $40 bag.

It's called EVO "The Ancestral Diet Meets Modern Nutrition" (cough), by the reviews on the internet, it's pretty awesome and I now have the expectation that George will be a STREAMLINED WONDER DOG. 5 kilos lighter and 20 IQ points smarter. He seemed to take to it, we will see how we go, I am sure I can find it on the internet cheaper...

There is hope for you and good health yet George. You still have a few bad habits to kick though. (note: Neither Dr-Mr nor I are smokers... we are not sure who is supplying him with the nicotine fixes)

2. (Lordy this is already getting long) Somehow, I have become an Avon lady. Again, in my quest to try and save money (car and holiday fund), I have been reading and asking around for people's tips on skin and make-up routines. Have found some winners and some really good recommendation for Avon. No one can scoff at $1 deodorant and mascara. I am not a brand snob, was happy and eager to check out a catalogue, I looked at the website and there is nothing on there so I called up and asked for them to get the local person to drop a catalogue by. There "apparently" was no local person, so they said they would send me a few catalogues and I could send in an order for myself and family, friends if I wanted. Sure, I was more curious than anything else about quality and prices, so please send me the books.

THEN this morning, the postman delivered a HUGE box of books, samples and all this information on "CONGRATULATIONS ON BECOMING AN AVON REPRESENTATIVE". What? Ding-Dong, when did THIS HAPPEN AND WHAT HAVE I AGREED TO?!!! !!!!! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! I even found out in browsing the stuff that there is a seller in the next neighbourhood (6kms away), so why couldn't she get in her car and drive to my house and leave a book in my letterbox?!

So weird, I feel... all taken advantage of. And there is Reese Witherspoon over everything (as the Avon Global Ambassador, I am qualified to tell you), and I actually really like Reese, she is appealing and now I feel all SECRETLY SUCKED IN.

The thing is, everyone woman I know scoffs at Avon and I have told a few people this story so far this morning and I all have them have said "ahahahahahhaha.... AVON LADY! That's so funny.... hey, uh... Sal, could I have a little look through one of the catalogues, if you have one on you?"

Sure, here is it is....

More mis-adventures coming soon.


Penny said...

Avon lady - Best news ever. Funniest thing all week.

Drewzel said...

Your Avon lady story is funny, but still, having an account is not a bad idea...after all you don't have to be all rah-rah-rah about it.

now, have you got a spare catalogue? :P