Sunday, April 27, 2008


I've been tired, vague, forgetful, slow and CLUMSY. And if you go back through this blog, you will see (even before I realised) all the ridiculous "I AM SO FREAKING TIRED" posts. LIKE THERE WAS SOMETHING GOING ON.


Families and friends are now in the loop, we are in the "safe(r) zone", all things are well and healthy, I can now confirm the (EXCITING!) news that Dr-Mr and I are expecting our first very little dr-mr-sal arriving around the 8th of November.

Thank goodness it's now the second trimester, I was fit to BURST with the news and wanted to explain my overall flakiness to all folks. I am usually quite busy and distracted, but it's been ridiculous. I am a zombie creature from the land of PREGATORIA. I don't want to EAT your brains, but if you don't give me your HALF EATEN SANDWICH, I may IMPLODE.

Things around the Georgie Love camp are happening a fraction more slowly as I am still working full time (and will for another 5 months), but not so much that I think anyone besides George and I will notice. I was doing too much at once and got a little sick, so I need to be more conscious about time and resting, although I am starting to get more energy back.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good morning to you, I am feeling VERY chirpy this week as it's a SHORT week and Monday is already over and done with. Which means only THREE MORE DAYS (including today, it's still early) until it's all over and we can be back in bed, eating crumpets and honey and reading the papers. Or something so trashy and delicious, it's wonderful. But the important part of the story is the LONG WEEKEND and self-imposed LAZINESS.

Although less lazy for us, we are getting in the car and heading North to Albury to spend some time with Dr-Mr's family. It is his birthday. His presents I ordered have not arrived in the mail yet, but it's too early to panic, right?

Meanwhile, this tile from misterrob (yes, I have posted about it before, shhh) is STILL making me very happy to look at it. I think I must purchase it soon. I know where it would fit perfectly.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


In other news, or further to my post of yesterday, I bought a new pair of flat (for me) boots today - on sale for half price (so with postage included just under $150, which I think is ok, it's not (too much) an indulgence and I genuinely need new SENSIBLE-HEELED boots for Winter.... and beyond. I think they are glorious, I LOVE the red. I have another pair of the same branded boots and they are currently 3 or 4 years old and still GOING STRONG. I am wearing them now.

Thank you Duo Boots. I feel much love.

Oh my!

Julie Ramsden (aka My Giddy Aunt) is a Georgie Love wonder-crafter, a crocheting Queen if you will. Most JOYFULLY this afternoon, she has sent me a new range of her creations for Georgie Love and I am so excited about them, I have to show you HERE AND NOW.

Each creature can take around 12 hours of work, which is just crazy - but when you see her pieces, the detail, love and care in each one is just AMAZING.

Julie visits op-shops to find UFOs (Un Finished Objects) and reclaims the abandoned balls wool, inspired by the colour and texture in them, she grabs her sketchbook first and then creates each one-off toy around each creation.

I think she deserves her own fan-club, as not only is she a creative genius, she is SO LOVELY... which her work kind of shows. I have found that the NICEST PEOPLE often create the NICEST THINGS. I don't know why that is, but I can tell you that all the creative folks on Georgie Love are the LOVELIEST PEOPLE and I feel very, very lucky to be able to work with them, because it is EASY and FUN. Hurrah!

But THEN I have also found that Georgie Love rally attracts the nicest CUSTOMERS too. I haven't had a bad experience and SOME OF THEM have become my friends in real life.

I sound like a sappy kiss-ass, but I am sincere, GL FOLK = AWESOME. George and I = LUCKY. We devote so much time to what we do, it's such a labour of love, but it's never, ever become a chore.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stupid things I do. DAMNIT!

In the continuing theme of STUPID THINGS I DO and COMPLETELY POINTLESS POSTS, today I would like to point out my ongoing habit of WEARING UNCOMFORTABLE SHOES. I have a wardrobe FULL of shoes that are dreadful. BUT I HAVE NOT LEARNT, BECAUSE UNDERNEATH IT ALL I AM AN IDIOT.

The pair I have on today are my second most expensive ($180, 2.5 years ago, a cheer-up pair post break-up. They did the trick. They are very black, very pointy, lovely heeled boots). When I bought them 2 AND A HALF YEARS AGO, I was amazed (at the time) that if you spent MORE money, shoes could be comfortable! Yes, yes, I have been wearing bad shoes for YEARS. Anyway, at the time, these delights were SO COMFORTABLE, it was ridiculous. They looked like if you kicked too heartily in someone's direction, they could take an eye out (and I loved that about them) and I wore them everywhere, with everything. I used to walk to and from work (Fitzroy to City at the time) in them every day. They were superb. Somehow, along the way, I started to wear the heel in and it had an exposed nail, which made them noisy and uncomfortable. I put them to one side and started buying $15-$20 pairs of black boots on ebay. This is a sad and dreadful time and we shall pass it very quickly.

I recently (in my noted money-saving ventures) decided to STOP wasting $20 every 2 months on ebay boots that were, frankly and excuse my language, shit, and just get my 2nd most expensive pair and my most expensive pair ($300 knee high, black leather boots - so expensive because I bought them in the UK, they are perfect for ladies with FAT CALVES... check out for SO MUCH JOY) re-heeled. At $40 a pop for each, still an expensive task, but will give them more years of joy and semi-comfort.

Well, I have the 2nd most expensive pair on today and I am NOT HAPPY. Where did the comfort go? I walked during my lunch break to post the 1,000,000 Georgie Love* packages I wrapped up last night and it was about 1 km there and back and it WAS NOT GOOD. I have known these were not great for a few weeks (post re-heeling), but I am STILL NOW WEARING THEM.

I bought these yellow shoes off etsy and they are and excruciating HALF A SIZE TOO SMALL. This hasn't stopped me putting an outfit together around these MAGNIFICENT YELLOW SHOES, but I found even I couldn't pull off the pain of these. If you are around a 7.5-8 and are interested in these, DROP ME A LINE.

I think it's time for the great 2008 SHOE OVERHAUL. I need some comfy shoes and I need them NOW.

I am a short-ass and have only 2 pairs of flat shoes. I think it's time to change... I think it's time for a revolution. No longer shall I be uncomfortable and tell Dr-Mr "NO, these are impractical shoes, for looking not walking, I can not travel that distance with you!".

Do you have a shoe policy? Are your shoes comfortable? Do you have a favourite pair? Are they comfortable or so darn foxy they could change your whole life? (yes, the two are separate).

(*note, this is a slight exaggeration, I think the number is closer to 10)

The cure-all

Are you feeling a bit blue today? A bit down? Is the grey weather matching your mood?

WELL, I discovered this morning (like liquid sunshine in my belly) that there is a whole subgenre in YouTube for TALKING DOGS.

George himself does talk to me and it does NOTHING BUT FILL ME WITH DELIGHT. It's usually when he is feeling bossy or grumbling (so I shouldn't encourage it), but when he is excited/anxious/determined to go for a walk he kind of arooarrrorrrarrara*grumble* at me.

Dr-Mr is always encouraging me to film him to post, but see... every time I think of doing it, he is either sleeping, begging for food, eating said coveted food or weeing. Hardly comedic or groundbreaking work from Georgie.

Monday, April 14, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Ok, technically it was SATURDAY and I am a few days late... but I have a good reason! Really! Well, a couple of good ones, because basically have you even SEEN how many new things are on Georgie Love. Tons.

I would post them all here, but there is too much and I am lazy.

I had celebratory pancakes on Saturday (also known as Saturday pancakes, no celebration usually required!), so that counts for something.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

For the Melbourne Lovers out there (and those who are Melb-Curious), I have stumbled across the delightfully delicious CURIOUS KATE. A weekly email which is filled with Melb treats like hidden shopping, restaurants and other delights! It also has upcoming gigs, things to do, book and music reviews and so on the whole... we think it's pretty awesome. If you wish to check it out and subscribe, you can do so here.

ALSO... Michi Girl were very kind to us and the lovely (& very recently married - congrats!) OddsnBlobs in their forecast. OddsnBlobs make fairly sweet home and office lovelies.

AND in a sneak peek - our crafty-genius mates Made by White have been baking Georgie Brooches, which will (hopefully by tomorrow!) be included in each Georgie Love order to say THANK YOU to our ridiculously lovely friends and also to celebrate our massive SECOND BIRTHDAY!

If you would like your own Made by White Georgie Cookie Brooch, please send us a little comment or note!

Monday, April 07, 2008

It's nearly Winter... Summer is definitely over, we are in the lush gold months of Autumn, WHY OH WHY then have I done NOTHING but rub my eyes, sneeze and snuffle about for WEEKS. Yesterday was very bad and today my eyes are very sore.

I was sneezing so much I thought I was getting a cold. But no... I am here, sneezing a little less, but am definitely cold-less.

Ok, this is a REALLY BAD thing to admit to, but sometimes I don't mind getting sick because it's an excuse for me to STAY IN BED and eat lots of toast, watch TRASHY tv and read frivolous books. I don't get time to do that any other time. It feels indulgent. I am not WISHING TO HAVE a cold, but I kind of relish them when I do.

Maybe I just need a nap?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I was awake from 1:00 - 4:30am last night.

That's enough for today, isn't it? Can we all go sleep now?

Zzzz...zz.z.z.z.z..........ZZzzzzz SNORE.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


April 12 is Georgie Love's 2nd birthday! All orders for the month of April are in the running to win one of Emma Grace's beautiful sterling silver heart pendants (I got one for Xmas from Dr-Mr and they are SO lovely!)

There will also be more opportunities to pick up gift vouchers and more around the traps, so keep your eyes peeled!


This is really long and pointless, really... but it's my LIFE DRAMA

It's been noted that I have been quite ABSENT in the blog world of late. Yes, this is true, partly because the only news I have with you that I can share is THE PEST PLAGUE that I have been VEXED with. Oh, and Dr-Mr got back yesterday - hooray!

But yes, my PLAGUE (well of mini-plague proportions). It's a documented fact that I have a bird feeder, I like to feed the birds and we have about 30-40 birds that visit us regularly and they are BEAUTIFUL, lots of parrots, blue ones, red ones, green ones and orange ones, plus a few blackbirds, one we SWEAR is a misplaced hummingbird and these tiny little redhead finches and more. Anyone who visits is FORCED to admire them.


THEN! While Dr-Mr was away, I noticed them - a Mr and Mrs Field Mouse had joined the seed frenzy and were enjoying some scraps on the ground. I watched them for a while... half completely disturbed/revolted... half, hey they are teeny-tiny and kind of cute, JUST DON'T BREED YOU FILTHY VERMIN. They ARE a part of the native wildlife around our area, they are kind of harmless and I just didn't know what to do.

AND THEN in my deliberating over the field mice, I also discovered ONE LONE CRAFTY RAT had discovered the orgy of food and decided to glut himself sick.

I myself was almost sick.

A rat.


I tried to convinced myself otherwise, I was in disbelief... it CAN'T be a rat... it must be... a little marsupial of some kind... HOWEVER, I have had pet fancy rats in my lifetime. I know a rat. It may be grey and furry, but it has a long tail, ears and is as nimble as a very nimble thing.

I stopped feeding the birds. It was sad times for everyone. Everytime I went outside to fill up their water bowl and baths, they would get excited and it would be a flurry of parrots to check the feeder... but NOTHING... ONE RUINED IT ALL!

So Dr-Mr returns, he had received my "OH MY GOD, THERE IS A RAT OUTSIDE" text message panic while OS, so we discussed it on the way back from the airport. We decided a new feeder was in order, one that didn't spill seed that the birds could just get at. So we stopped at a local shop that sells them and got one. I filled it with seed and put it outside and all was well. All were happy.

A few hours later, I head downstairs and notice the ferns outside were all filled with parrots. All puffed up. The rat had climbed in the feeder and commandeered it AS HIS OWN. I called Adam down and gestured and the rat saw and slunk away. I picked up the new feeder and put it down the other end of the yard (it's 3/4 acre, so it's quite far away!), so that the smell of tasty seed was far from the house. The next step will be to get some bleachy stuff and hot water and scrub the remaining seed from the concrete.

I hate you rat. No fun for anyone.

Oh and the other plague of mini-proportions, we keep find little troops of ants in the shower seeking water. Which is ODD, because the bathroom is on the 3rd level and there are much closer sources of water.