Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The cure-all

Are you feeling a bit blue today? A bit down? Is the grey weather matching your mood?

WELL, I discovered this morning (like liquid sunshine in my belly) that there is a whole subgenre in YouTube for TALKING DOGS.

George himself does talk to me and it does NOTHING BUT FILL ME WITH DELIGHT. It's usually when he is feeling bossy or grumbling (so I shouldn't encourage it), but when he is excited/anxious/determined to go for a walk he kind of arooarrrorrrarrara*grumble* at me.

Dr-Mr is always encouraging me to film him to post, but see... every time I think of doing it, he is either sleeping, begging for food, eating said coveted food or weeing. Hardly comedic or groundbreaking work from Georgie.


Michelle said...

OH MY GOD! That is so cute! Clever puppies!