Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good morning to you, I am feeling VERY chirpy this week as it's a SHORT week and Monday is already over and done with. Which means only THREE MORE DAYS (including today, it's still early) until it's all over and we can be back in bed, eating crumpets and honey and reading the papers. Or something so trashy and delicious, it's wonderful. But the important part of the story is the LONG WEEKEND and self-imposed LAZINESS.

Although less lazy for us, we are getting in the car and heading North to Albury to spend some time with Dr-Mr's family. It is his birthday. His presents I ordered have not arrived in the mail yet, but it's too early to panic, right?

Meanwhile, this tile from misterrob (yes, I have posted about it before, shhh) is STILL making me very happy to look at it. I think I must purchase it soon. I know where it would fit perfectly.


Michelle said...

Have a great weekend! Maybe Dr-Mr's family will spoil you rotten with crumpets in bed and iron the Sunday papers for you.

Thanks for the little surprise I got in the post last week! Totally made my day.