Monday, April 07, 2008

It's nearly Winter... Summer is definitely over, we are in the lush gold months of Autumn, WHY OH WHY then have I done NOTHING but rub my eyes, sneeze and snuffle about for WEEKS. Yesterday was very bad and today my eyes are very sore.

I was sneezing so much I thought I was getting a cold. But no... I am here, sneezing a little less, but am definitely cold-less.

Ok, this is a REALLY BAD thing to admit to, but sometimes I don't mind getting sick because it's an excuse for me to STAY IN BED and eat lots of toast, watch TRASHY tv and read frivolous books. I don't get time to do that any other time. It feels indulgent. I am not WISHING TO HAVE a cold, but I kind of relish them when I do.

Maybe I just need a nap?


Run * Skip * Jump said...

perhaps the excitement of it being only 4 more sleeps till GL turns 2 is taking its toll. D & D x

Betty Jo said...

You rest up girl, cold or not, you are in need of some midday tellie, Jackie Collins, and zzzzz.