Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh my!

Julie Ramsden (aka My Giddy Aunt) is a Georgie Love wonder-crafter, a crocheting Queen if you will. Most JOYFULLY this afternoon, she has sent me a new range of her creations for Georgie Love and I am so excited about them, I have to show you HERE AND NOW.

Each creature can take around 12 hours of work, which is just crazy - but when you see her pieces, the detail, love and care in each one is just AMAZING.

Julie visits op-shops to find UFOs (Un Finished Objects) and reclaims the abandoned balls wool, inspired by the colour and texture in them, she grabs her sketchbook first and then creates each one-off toy around each creation.

I think she deserves her own fan-club, as not only is she a creative genius, she is SO LOVELY... which her work kind of shows. I have found that the NICEST PEOPLE often create the NICEST THINGS. I don't know why that is, but I can tell you that all the creative folks on Georgie Love are the LOVELIEST PEOPLE and I feel very, very lucky to be able to work with them, because it is EASY and FUN. Hurrah!

But THEN I have also found that Georgie Love rally attracts the nicest CUSTOMERS too. I haven't had a bad experience and SOME OF THEM have become my friends in real life.

I sound like a sappy kiss-ass, but I am sincere, GL FOLK = AWESOME. George and I = LUCKY. We devote so much time to what we do, it's such a labour of love, but it's never, ever become a chore.