Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stupid things I do. DAMNIT!

In the continuing theme of STUPID THINGS I DO and COMPLETELY POINTLESS POSTS, today I would like to point out my ongoing habit of WEARING UNCOMFORTABLE SHOES. I have a wardrobe FULL of shoes that are dreadful. BUT I HAVE NOT LEARNT, BECAUSE UNDERNEATH IT ALL I AM AN IDIOT.

The pair I have on today are my second most expensive ($180, 2.5 years ago, a cheer-up pair post break-up. They did the trick. They are very black, very pointy, lovely heeled boots). When I bought them 2 AND A HALF YEARS AGO, I was amazed (at the time) that if you spent MORE money, shoes could be comfortable! Yes, yes, I have been wearing bad shoes for YEARS. Anyway, at the time, these delights were SO COMFORTABLE, it was ridiculous. They looked like if you kicked too heartily in someone's direction, they could take an eye out (and I loved that about them) and I wore them everywhere, with everything. I used to walk to and from work (Fitzroy to City at the time) in them every day. They were superb. Somehow, along the way, I started to wear the heel in and it had an exposed nail, which made them noisy and uncomfortable. I put them to one side and started buying $15-$20 pairs of black boots on ebay. This is a sad and dreadful time and we shall pass it very quickly.

I recently (in my noted money-saving ventures) decided to STOP wasting $20 every 2 months on ebay boots that were, frankly and excuse my language, shit, and just get my 2nd most expensive pair and my most expensive pair ($300 knee high, black leather boots - so expensive because I bought them in the UK, they are perfect for ladies with FAT CALVES... check out http://www.duoboots.com for SO MUCH JOY) re-heeled. At $40 a pop for each, still an expensive task, but will give them more years of joy and semi-comfort.

Well, I have the 2nd most expensive pair on today and I am NOT HAPPY. Where did the comfort go? I walked during my lunch break to post the 1,000,000 Georgie Love* packages I wrapped up last night and it was about 1 km there and back and it WAS NOT GOOD. I have known these were not great for a few weeks (post re-heeling), but I am STILL NOW WEARING THEM.

I bought these yellow shoes off etsy and they are and excruciating HALF A SIZE TOO SMALL. This hasn't stopped me putting an outfit together around these MAGNIFICENT YELLOW SHOES, but I found even I couldn't pull off the pain of these. If you are around a 7.5-8 and are interested in these, DROP ME A LINE.

I think it's time for the great 2008 SHOE OVERHAUL. I need some comfy shoes and I need them NOW.

I am a short-ass and have only 2 pairs of flat shoes. I think it's time to change... I think it's time for a revolution. No longer shall I be uncomfortable and tell Dr-Mr "NO, these are impractical shoes, for looking not walking, I can not travel that distance with you!".

Do you have a shoe policy? Are your shoes comfortable? Do you have a favourite pair? Are they comfortable or so darn foxy they could change your whole life? (yes, the two are separate).

(*note, this is a slight exaggeration, I think the number is closer to 10)


Michelle said...

I have a foot problem which means I don't walk too well. Hobbling would be a better description. One day it will get better, but the days of high heels are well and truly over for me.

At the age of 35 I became a Birkenstock and Kumfs girl. They are bloody expensive, especially the ones that DON'T look like granny shoes (I only go for the cool and groovy Kumfs), but by God they are great! I just spent the last 4 days walking around Melbourne in some Kumfs Mary Janes, and not only did I get heaps of compliments, but there was hardly any hobbling to be had.

I used to be all about the style, but now I'm all about the comfort AND style!

Drewzel said...

I think I'm secretly a bit jealous of this post, as I can't wear glam heels at all. I fall down and my ankles hate it and I get badly cracked heels which means that sensible shoes are called for. Thank God for Mary Janes!

So I'm not even going to suggest you give up the heels! (well maybe change shoes before long trek to post office, but otherwise....)