Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This is really long and pointless, really... but it's my LIFE DRAMA

It's been noted that I have been quite ABSENT in the blog world of late. Yes, this is true, partly because the only news I have with you that I can share is THE PEST PLAGUE that I have been VEXED with. Oh, and Dr-Mr got back yesterday - hooray!

But yes, my PLAGUE (well of mini-plague proportions). It's a documented fact that I have a bird feeder, I like to feed the birds and we have about 30-40 birds that visit us regularly and they are BEAUTIFUL, lots of parrots, blue ones, red ones, green ones and orange ones, plus a few blackbirds, one we SWEAR is a misplaced hummingbird and these tiny little redhead finches and more. Anyone who visits is FORCED to admire them.


THEN! While Dr-Mr was away, I noticed them - a Mr and Mrs Field Mouse had joined the seed frenzy and were enjoying some scraps on the ground. I watched them for a while... half completely disturbed/revolted... half, hey they are teeny-tiny and kind of cute, JUST DON'T BREED YOU FILTHY VERMIN. They ARE a part of the native wildlife around our area, they are kind of harmless and I just didn't know what to do.

AND THEN in my deliberating over the field mice, I also discovered ONE LONE CRAFTY RAT had discovered the orgy of food and decided to glut himself sick.

I myself was almost sick.

A rat.


I tried to convinced myself otherwise, I was in disbelief... it CAN'T be a rat... it must be... a little marsupial of some kind... HOWEVER, I have had pet fancy rats in my lifetime. I know a rat. It may be grey and furry, but it has a long tail, ears and is as nimble as a very nimble thing.

I stopped feeding the birds. It was sad times for everyone. Everytime I went outside to fill up their water bowl and baths, they would get excited and it would be a flurry of parrots to check the feeder... but NOTHING... ONE RUINED IT ALL!

So Dr-Mr returns, he had received my "OH MY GOD, THERE IS A RAT OUTSIDE" text message panic while OS, so we discussed it on the way back from the airport. We decided a new feeder was in order, one that didn't spill seed that the birds could just get at. So we stopped at a local shop that sells them and got one. I filled it with seed and put it outside and all was well. All were happy.

A few hours later, I head downstairs and notice the ferns outside were all filled with parrots. All puffed up. The rat had climbed in the feeder and commandeered it AS HIS OWN. I called Adam down and gestured and the rat saw and slunk away. I picked up the new feeder and put it down the other end of the yard (it's 3/4 acre, so it's quite far away!), so that the smell of tasty seed was far from the house. The next step will be to get some bleachy stuff and hot water and scrub the remaining seed from the concrete.

I hate you rat. No fun for anyone.

Oh and the other plague of mini-proportions, we keep find little troops of ants in the shower seeking water. Which is ODD, because the bathroom is on the 3rd level and there are much closer sources of water.


Daisy said...

In the park with Mimi the other day I rescued a baby possum (well, what another dog walker told me was a baby possum). I carried it to the vet, and they told me "um, actually it's a baby rat." ewwwww.
P.s. It had been attacked by another animal so they put it to sleep, or, as they put it, "helped it along on its journey."