Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ok, I am a day late, but I have drawn a random winner for the Georgie Love "Name the Baby" Competition. Not that the winner will have... um... naming rights, but certainly there have been some awesome comments of inspiration. We still have months and months left, but we as yet can not agree on a name. Or even a collection of names.

Anyway, I had all the comment numbers in my hands and shook and shook until a number fell out, which is the LATE ENTRY of Number 8 - BigCat. Congratulations! A Georgie Love TLC package will be on it's way to you very shortly!

Dr-Mr and I are half house sitting at my parents house in the suburbs (closer to city and work than in the hilly sticks where we live), so Georgie Love orders are running a day or two behind schedule. It's kind of a mini break (when you don't have the time to take a proper break), full of good food (last night I had the time to make quesadillas, which were super tasty and so easy), trashy tv and movies on my parents ridiculously big tv, big warm baths (we don't have a bath), magazines, book reading and all the things I don't usually have time to do. Felt quite tired last week, so it's good to have a bit of a restthis week. If you are waiting on an order... sorry! But it literally is only going to be delayed 2ish days, which I think is ok!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Have you heard?

My lovely friend Lyndal just brought this to my attention, so in the spirit of all good things (that is motivating me today), I also bring it to you:

Join Alice Euphemia for a special sale of *vintage and retro fabrics*.

Alice is helping one of our special friends make room in their
studio-probably for more fabric! There are delightful silks, furnishing
velvets, fruity cottons and crazy oversized florals amongst hundreds of
other designs. Most pieces are from 1-5 metres long. Priced from less
than $10 a metre.

Come and check it out at 114 Gertrude Street *this weekend*.

Saturday 11am-6pm


Sunday 12 – 5pm.

Contact 9417 4300 for any enquiries.

Oh…and there may also be some retro and vintage finds from avid
collectors of another sort. *For two days only. Cash Only*.an type
sooduction text here.



Woo! Giveaway

In the great Blog Spirit of Paying it Forward (although to tell you the truth, I hated the movie, but like the premise) and in light of my good fortune of late, I am pleased to announce the Georgie Love Blog, teeny tiny giveaway!

I have SO MUCH stuff, it's not even funny, I have all kinds of Georgie Love products, zines, paper things, stickers etc, lots and lots of fun things that are currently cluttering about. So I am going to put together a care package for one Georgie-Friend-Blog-Reader.

To be in the running, please just comment below with your favourite boy-girl names (seriously, Dr-Mr and I are getting really stuck here, so we need all the ideas and inspiration we can get) and you will be in the running to WIN. I think entries will close on Monday next week.

(ps: I think the picture above is a very adequate illustration as to why I am not a) any kind of graphic or technical artist and b) good with my hands, I can't draw a straight line to SAVE MY LIFE)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sneak peek in my drawers

Today I feel like a literal side of the house. It was one of those mornings where you put something on, hate it, put something else on, realise the pair of tights you picked up are suddenly too small and feel like they are cutting your tummy in two, rip them off and throw them to the other side of the room in disgust, put some pants on that DO zip up and a top that may be just a little too low cut for work, but you JUST DON'T CARE, cause it fits, is fairly zesty with it's stripes and doesn't make you feel like Dowdy McDowdason, from the land of Dowd and Frump.

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. The point IS to tell you about my new favourite thing. Well actually, it's been my favourite thing for a little while now, but new pairs arrived early last week, and they are a THING OF MUCH JOY:

Recycled cotton t-shirts made into underpants by etsy seller Backwards. They are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable, sit comfortably under any developing bump, loose around the legs for best comfort and if you are in a pair and t-shirt at home, I CHALLENGE YOU to NOT bump dance around in them ala Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels. Oh yeah. They look fairly awesome too - even Dr-Mr is a fan and they certainly don't fit in the category of SEXY AND UNCOMFORTABLE LINGERIE.

She's just restocked her store and they sell out in a flash, so go snaffles some up RIGHT NOW.

Oh, someone just gave me a wholemeal date scone. Everything is good again.

Monday, May 19, 2008

where my body is broken and completely shuts down

I am BROKEN. I attempted a pregnancy yoga DVD yesterday and today my body is in complete SHUT DOWN mode as I can barely move a muscle. I am not a total newcomer to the world of Yoga (although admittedly, I have not visited there of late), but I am pretty sure that ALL Yoga should have a WARM UP and a WARM DOWN. It's my hips and thighs from all the squats and grinds. Ouch. I am tres miserable today. I am still keen for yoga, but I am not so sure I will be revisiting this Jb-HiFi monstrosity.

I did an Amazon search and despite the HIDEOUSLY dated cover, many people can say nothing but good things about this one. It's kundalini style, so a big emphasis on gentleness and breathing.

(plus if you do know a good one, please let me know - I am ALL EARS)

I am THISCLOSE to getting down on the filthy carpet at work and lying prostrate until the PAIN (or the day) ENDS.

In other news, I felt the first baby kicky flutters over the weekend (which felt more like bubbles popping in my tummy), which was exciting. I can't wait until it gets to a stage when Dr-Mr can feel them too.

I have really fun & gorgeous new products from Zooblast and Sneak Design for Georgie Love, but in the hills it rained ALL WEEKEND and grey and dim light is not conducive to good photography. Next weekend, so STAY TUNED.

Until then, let's nap! ZzzZZzZZZzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Also, Michi Girl is loving Sarah Strickland's Bags. We do too, actually.

Apart from the sunshine, today is unremarkable.

Things that are funny to me this fairly nondescript Wednesday afternoon:

People who visit this blog (and a warm hello and cup of tea to all of you, I hope you like Lady Grey, I think it's fairly MAGNIFICENT) come through many ways:

1. Through the Georgie Love site (which is perfect and at the same time kind of embarrassing, because I DO talk A LOT of crap here, not GL related, I have no PROFESSIONAL DEMEANOR. I think for a start I should stop talking about my pee habits. Which in case you were wondering, now that I am 15 weeks I no longer pee 6 times a night, it's maybe 1 or 2).

2. Through other people's blog, by commenting or being commented upon. It's the sharing of blog love and popping over to each other's blog houses (or flats) in our little community.

3. By searching on Google for the following terms:
a) Fat Dog and Cat
b) The Fat Dog in the World
c) The Fats Dog in the World
d) The Fat Dog
e) Dog and Cat Nom Nom
f) George Gobbles

It seems, dear Georgie-boy that not just me, but nay, THE ENTIRE WORLD is interested in your feeding habits and chubby stomach.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rub my (at the point, very small) baby buddha belly for good fortune, because I AM LUCKY, so RUB MY BELLY!

I just got an email from Beauty Heaven saying I had won some Guinot Luxury Pack. I have used Guinot before, it's lovely but very expensive (and you all know of my penny-pinching ways these days), but I have no idea of what I have won or when I entered.

See, some days, whilst procrastinating from doing the 2479 things I SHOULD BE DOING, I enter competitions. I remember once many years ago, home sick from work, I was watching Oprah and they were showing all these women who had won fabulous things, just from entering competitions. They said most people don't bother entering competitions because they think the odds are too big and they aren't going to win, when in fact because most people DO think like that, the odds are small. Or something. It was many years ago, it was Oprah, I may have had a flu... but I took that advice on board, even though I do claim that I have never had the best of luck with these sorts of things.

Anyway, I mainly enter because I WANT TO WIN A CAR (Dr-Mr and I share a 1993 Mazda 121 bubble, which while HIGHLY ECONOMICAL AND RELIABLE, doesn't have air conditioning and is covered in dog hair and mud from living in the country. Cars are expensive. So are holidays, and I wouldn't turn my nose up at either, but surely I should find better things to do with my time?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lucky me

In breaking my "I never win anything" usual complaints, I am ridiculously chuffed and thrilled to have won Orange You Lucky's random giveaway contest, which is a Sane Fitness Preggers Kit, with the wonderful illustrations being done by Helen Dardik herself..

I am in awe of Helen's wonderful work and have been stalking her blog for a long time now - so I feel pretty lucky to win! I walk Georgie for about 45 mins every morning through our hilly streets, but have been trying to add some swimming and preg yoga to my week as well (as yet failing, exercise that requires me to leave the suburb is a challenge), so this will be unbelievably handy to get working AT HOME (as nature intended)

Anyway, if you are interested in colourful, happy illustrations and blogs full of joyful things? Then definitely check out Orange You Lucky. Uh-huh, indeed.

It's definitely been a good day, have received some lovely and exciting emails, the 1000th order for Georgie Love and picked up Dudley Redhead's new postcards for Georgie. Which are fairly spectacular - a bunch will soon be headed back to Tara and another bunch are set aside for Isy-delight at incube8r.

Can you have a sneak preview of the card?
Well, no it's a surprise, but I am more than happy to send you one! :-)

Oh and other nice things, it's Dr-Mr and my anniversary tomorrow. We should do something nice tomorrow to celebrate, but we have to be at work by 7:15 AM in the morning, so dinnertime is most likely going to be a takeaway fish and chip sleepy heap in front of the telly.

Oh, AND I meant to add this to the last post, wonderful US blogger Holly from decor8 has a special on Australian Design and related blogs - she's noted a massive list of creators and folks in the Craft scene and we are unbelievably chuffed to be included.

If you want to check out some fabulous local talent (and we recommend you subscribe to Decor8 anyway - we've been keeping our eye on it for about 18 months or so, it's incredibly inspirational), make sure you check out the Aussie Feature (which we are excited to note, is only part one - more goodness to come!)


In the "I Can't Believe It, Why Haven't I Collapsed in a Corner" category, this morning Georgie Love received it's big 1000th order. Which in my head is MASSIVE. That's 1000 things I have wrapped, packaged, stamped, addressed and sent off. NO WONDER I AM ALWAYS SO SLEEPY. :-D I knew it was coming up and hoped (in vain) that we would received 1000 in our 2nd BIRTHDAY month of April, but it's so close. 1000 over two years, I think that's pretty awesome.

It was a slow start when Georgie Love first started, when George and I built something from nothing (at all). The first ever order was for a friend of a friend and now some Georgie customers have become friends and it's quite well documented that I love what I am doing. I feel especially lucky at the moment, life is pretty good and only going to get better!

So anyway, another big thank you to Georgie friends, artists and customers. George and I think you are all pretty rad.

In Mother's Day news, had breakfast with my Mum and took her to the movies (Mrs Pettigrew Lives For a Day, as predicted my Mum loved it, for almost 32 year olds, it's well... it's ok). I did not get anything as an expectant "mother", but Dr-Mr did clean the house and drove me to the shops to satisfy a chocolate craving and I have to say that was better than anything! Cleaning the house is a horrible chore!

We had an appointment on Saturday at the Family Birthing Centre at where we are booked into, it was our first appointment with the Midwives and all went well. Everyone we have dealt with there has been unbelievably lovely, so we are feeling pretty calm and confident about the whole thing. They have fairly awesome facilities and a borrowing library of books, dvds and cds, so we have borrowed a few to have a look through before the next visit!

In other Georgie news, as usual there are a million things on the boil, so stay tuned! I need to ramp it up before it slows down around baby time!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the glorious side of up the duff

It's been a crisis of clothing week as everything is suddenly starting to feel OHSOTIGHT (ok and yes I KNOW, WAY EARLY days yet), and I have 1 skirt (maternity) which fits comfortably, but I can't exactly stomp around in all week at work (even though my new boots arrived and they are FABULOUS). I have 2-3 other pairs of maternity trousers which are LOVELY (ie: adequate) but currently WAY TOO BIG. Sunday was annoying and slightly tantrumy-fit inducing as I had stupidly washed every bottom piece that I have that fit, so popped on small jeans, used a nifty hair band to hold the button and loop open and a "belly belt" to cover this fashion atrocity.

Early days yet, yes I know!

I keep waking up STARVING or low blood sugary, so I have been keeping crackers in the bedroom to munch on for those HUNGER EMERGENCIES. As Dr-Mr has regretfully pointed out, crackers are a quiet noisy snack for 3am, so I have developed this amazing collection of "quiet foods" for my own middle of the night eating pleasure (or 5:30am gobble for blood sugar correction before getting out of bed). It's like a mini grocery store with crackers, juice poppers, dried fruit, muesli bars and more. Even munching quietly in the dark, I can feel Georgie-dog's watchful eyes, hoping for me to drop a dried apricot, or throw him a cracker. GREEDY! GREEDIER THAN ME, GEORGE!

I got up 6 times to pee last night. SIX! Maybe I should stop drinking after 4pm... or midday. Sheesh. No wonder I am so cranky today, SO TIRED.

Yesterday was International No Diet Day. If you DID NOT know this at the time, please make sure you treat yourself to some kind of creamy, cakey, chocolatey, sweet, delicious snack today to celebrate.

Other VERY GOOD things include Love, JanieLou - Georgie Love's newest friend, who makes the sweetest, most perfect little fabric wallet and purses. I feel my photography is inadequate, because they are just MAGNIFICENT. In my usual indecisive way, I have put them all online until I figure which one I want to buy, until it becomes too late and sells anyway. Snap one up - they are delightful!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

We have winners!

Thank you to everyone who placed an order from Georgie Love in April, we now have OFFICIAL WINNERS for our 2nd Birthday Competition.

All orders placed during the month were presented to George this afternoon (yes, he does sleep on two maps, in front of the heater), although I think in this photo he is lying on about half of the order slips.

After nuzzling through them very carefully and thoroughly, Georgie randomly selected 3 order numbers....

Which are
1st Prize - Emma Grace Sterling Silver Necklace (order: 935 S. Hutchinson)
2nd Prize - Tez Skull Tie (order 961 R. Lee)
3rd Prize - By Alison Rose button brooch (order 967 G. Draper)

Congrats! These will be winging their way to you this week! We hope you are delighted! :-)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Winners of the Georgie Love birthday competition will be announced over the weekend.

Stay tuned!!! :-D