Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Apart from the sunshine, today is unremarkable.

Things that are funny to me this fairly nondescript Wednesday afternoon:

People who visit this blog (and a warm hello and cup of tea to all of you, I hope you like Lady Grey, I think it's fairly MAGNIFICENT) come through many ways:

1. Through the Georgie Love site (which is perfect and at the same time kind of embarrassing, because I DO talk A LOT of crap here, not GL related, I have no PROFESSIONAL DEMEANOR. I think for a start I should stop talking about my pee habits. Which in case you were wondering, now that I am 15 weeks I no longer pee 6 times a night, it's maybe 1 or 2).

2. Through other people's blog, by commenting or being commented upon. It's the sharing of blog love and popping over to each other's blog houses (or flats) in our little community.

3. By searching on Google for the following terms:
a) Fat Dog and Cat
b) The Fat Dog in the World
c) The Fats Dog in the World
d) The Fat Dog
e) Dog and Cat Nom Nom
f) George Gobbles

It seems, dear Georgie-boy that not just me, but nay, THE ENTIRE WORLD is interested in your feeding habits and chubby stomach.