Wednesday, May 07, 2008

the glorious side of up the duff

It's been a crisis of clothing week as everything is suddenly starting to feel OHSOTIGHT (ok and yes I KNOW, WAY EARLY days yet), and I have 1 skirt (maternity) which fits comfortably, but I can't exactly stomp around in all week at work (even though my new boots arrived and they are FABULOUS). I have 2-3 other pairs of maternity trousers which are LOVELY (ie: adequate) but currently WAY TOO BIG. Sunday was annoying and slightly tantrumy-fit inducing as I had stupidly washed every bottom piece that I have that fit, so popped on small jeans, used a nifty hair band to hold the button and loop open and a "belly belt" to cover this fashion atrocity.

Early days yet, yes I know!

I keep waking up STARVING or low blood sugary, so I have been keeping crackers in the bedroom to munch on for those HUNGER EMERGENCIES. As Dr-Mr has regretfully pointed out, crackers are a quiet noisy snack for 3am, so I have developed this amazing collection of "quiet foods" for my own middle of the night eating pleasure (or 5:30am gobble for blood sugar correction before getting out of bed). It's like a mini grocery store with crackers, juice poppers, dried fruit, muesli bars and more. Even munching quietly in the dark, I can feel Georgie-dog's watchful eyes, hoping for me to drop a dried apricot, or throw him a cracker. GREEDY! GREEDIER THAN ME, GEORGE!

I got up 6 times to pee last night. SIX! Maybe I should stop drinking after 4pm... or midday. Sheesh. No wonder I am so cranky today, SO TIRED.

Yesterday was International No Diet Day. If you DID NOT know this at the time, please make sure you treat yourself to some kind of creamy, cakey, chocolatey, sweet, delicious snack today to celebrate.

Other VERY GOOD things include Love, JanieLou - Georgie Love's newest friend, who makes the sweetest, most perfect little fabric wallet and purses. I feel my photography is inadequate, because they are just MAGNIFICENT. In my usual indecisive way, I have put them all online until I figure which one I want to buy, until it becomes too late and sells anyway. Snap one up - they are delightful!


BigCat said...

Thanks for the reminder about No Diet Day. Will definitely have to treat myself tomorrow. Happy snacking to you and Georgie.

Betty Jo said...

There's something to be said for chamber pots!!??

summer pickles said...

hooray for being up the duff! congratulations, I am madly out of date with reading all of my favourite blogs, so missed this fab development!

don't worry, all the getting up to pee in the middle of the night will ease off once you pop and start feeling like you really can't fit into any clothes... and then you will get back into the peeing in the middle of the night routine again toward the end... last night for me? only four times... ;)