Monday, May 12, 2008

Lucky me

In breaking my "I never win anything" usual complaints, I am ridiculously chuffed and thrilled to have won Orange You Lucky's random giveaway contest, which is a Sane Fitness Preggers Kit, with the wonderful illustrations being done by Helen Dardik herself..

I am in awe of Helen's wonderful work and have been stalking her blog for a long time now - so I feel pretty lucky to win! I walk Georgie for about 45 mins every morning through our hilly streets, but have been trying to add some swimming and preg yoga to my week as well (as yet failing, exercise that requires me to leave the suburb is a challenge), so this will be unbelievably handy to get working AT HOME (as nature intended)

Anyway, if you are interested in colourful, happy illustrations and blogs full of joyful things? Then definitely check out Orange You Lucky. Uh-huh, indeed.

It's definitely been a good day, have received some lovely and exciting emails, the 1000th order for Georgie Love and picked up Dudley Redhead's new postcards for Georgie. Which are fairly spectacular - a bunch will soon be headed back to Tara and another bunch are set aside for Isy-delight at incube8r.

Can you have a sneak preview of the card?
Well, no it's a surprise, but I am more than happy to send you one! :-)

Oh and other nice things, it's Dr-Mr and my anniversary tomorrow. We should do something nice tomorrow to celebrate, but we have to be at work by 7:15 AM in the morning, so dinnertime is most likely going to be a takeaway fish and chip sleepy heap in front of the telly.