Monday, May 12, 2008


In the "I Can't Believe It, Why Haven't I Collapsed in a Corner" category, this morning Georgie Love received it's big 1000th order. Which in my head is MASSIVE. That's 1000 things I have wrapped, packaged, stamped, addressed and sent off. NO WONDER I AM ALWAYS SO SLEEPY. :-D I knew it was coming up and hoped (in vain) that we would received 1000 in our 2nd BIRTHDAY month of April, but it's so close. 1000 over two years, I think that's pretty awesome.

It was a slow start when Georgie Love first started, when George and I built something from nothing (at all). The first ever order was for a friend of a friend and now some Georgie customers have become friends and it's quite well documented that I love what I am doing. I feel especially lucky at the moment, life is pretty good and only going to get better!

So anyway, another big thank you to Georgie friends, artists and customers. George and I think you are all pretty rad.

In Mother's Day news, had breakfast with my Mum and took her to the movies (Mrs Pettigrew Lives For a Day, as predicted my Mum loved it, for almost 32 year olds, it's well... it's ok). I did not get anything as an expectant "mother", but Dr-Mr did clean the house and drove me to the shops to satisfy a chocolate craving and I have to say that was better than anything! Cleaning the house is a horrible chore!

We had an appointment on Saturday at the Family Birthing Centre at where we are booked into, it was our first appointment with the Midwives and all went well. Everyone we have dealt with there has been unbelievably lovely, so we are feeling pretty calm and confident about the whole thing. They have fairly awesome facilities and a borrowing library of books, dvds and cds, so we have borrowed a few to have a look through before the next visit!

In other Georgie news, as usual there are a million things on the boil, so stay tuned! I need to ramp it up before it slows down around baby time!


Odds'n'Blobs said...

WOW!! 1,000! that is amazing! you should be very proud!! You are an amazing woman!

Congrats on your great news! I couldn't believe it when i read that you were expecting! I hope you are keeping well and make sure you get lots of rest!!