Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh, AND I meant to add this to the last post, wonderful US blogger Holly from decor8 has a special on Australian Design and related blogs - she's noted a massive list of creators and folks in the Craft scene and we are unbelievably chuffed to be included.

If you want to check out some fabulous local talent (and we recommend you subscribe to Decor8 anyway - we've been keeping our eye on it for about 18 months or so, it's incredibly inspirational), make sure you check out the Aussie Feature (which we are excited to note, is only part one - more goodness to come!)


orange you lucky! said...

Hey Georgie!
You are the winner of my Preggers Kit! Let me know where to send:)
Congrats on the decor8 mention:)!!

decor8 said...

Thank you so much Georgie for this mention, it was kind of you to post this and I'm very happy that you enjoyed the aussie post on my blog. Stay tuned for a Part Two! :)