Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rub my (at the point, very small) baby buddha belly for good fortune, because I AM LUCKY, so RUB MY BELLY!

I just got an email from Beauty Heaven saying I had won some Guinot Luxury Pack. I have used Guinot before, it's lovely but very expensive (and you all know of my penny-pinching ways these days), but I have no idea of what I have won or when I entered.

See, some days, whilst procrastinating from doing the 2479 things I SHOULD BE DOING, I enter competitions. I remember once many years ago, home sick from work, I was watching Oprah and they were showing all these women who had won fabulous things, just from entering competitions. They said most people don't bother entering competitions because they think the odds are too big and they aren't going to win, when in fact because most people DO think like that, the odds are small. Or something. It was many years ago, it was Oprah, I may have had a flu... but I took that advice on board, even though I do claim that I have never had the best of luck with these sorts of things.

Anyway, I mainly enter because I WANT TO WIN A CAR (Dr-Mr and I share a 1993 Mazda 121 bubble, which while HIGHLY ECONOMICAL AND RELIABLE, doesn't have air conditioning and is covered in dog hair and mud from living in the country. Cars are expensive. So are holidays, and I wouldn't turn my nose up at either, but surely I should find better things to do with my time?


BigCat said...

Good for you on your winnings. You bring so much goodness to other people through Georgie Love so it is nice to see the karma going around.

Congrats on your 1000 orders and on your anniversary. It seems it is all happening at once.