Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sneak peek in my drawers

Today I feel like a literal side of the house. It was one of those mornings where you put something on, hate it, put something else on, realise the pair of tights you picked up are suddenly too small and feel like they are cutting your tummy in two, rip them off and throw them to the other side of the room in disgust, put some pants on that DO zip up and a top that may be just a little too low cut for work, but you JUST DON'T CARE, cause it fits, is fairly zesty with it's stripes and doesn't make you feel like Dowdy McDowdason, from the land of Dowd and Frump.

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. The point IS to tell you about my new favourite thing. Well actually, it's been my favourite thing for a little while now, but new pairs arrived early last week, and they are a THING OF MUCH JOY:

Recycled cotton t-shirts made into underpants by etsy seller Backwards. They are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable, sit comfortably under any developing bump, loose around the legs for best comfort and if you are in a pair and t-shirt at home, I CHALLENGE YOU to NOT bump dance around in them ala Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels. Oh yeah. They look fairly awesome too - even Dr-Mr is a fan and they certainly don't fit in the category of SEXY AND UNCOMFORTABLE LINGERIE.

She's just restocked her store and they sell out in a flash, so go snaffles some up RIGHT NOW.

Oh, someone just gave me a wholemeal date scone. Everything is good again.


mariannealice said...

Cute knickers....knickers, knickers...just love the sound of that word!
Try to embrace that side of a house feeling...think blossoming, fruitful and bountiful as opposed to enormous,huge or whale like!Remember, you are a goddess- and a goddess in cute knickers to boot!

Jules Knoblock said...

Those jocks are awesome... I'm off to check out the shop :)
Boy leg style are my fave's!