Monday, May 19, 2008

where my body is broken and completely shuts down

I am BROKEN. I attempted a pregnancy yoga DVD yesterday and today my body is in complete SHUT DOWN mode as I can barely move a muscle. I am not a total newcomer to the world of Yoga (although admittedly, I have not visited there of late), but I am pretty sure that ALL Yoga should have a WARM UP and a WARM DOWN. It's my hips and thighs from all the squats and grinds. Ouch. I am tres miserable today. I am still keen for yoga, but I am not so sure I will be revisiting this Jb-HiFi monstrosity.

I did an Amazon search and despite the HIDEOUSLY dated cover, many people can say nothing but good things about this one. It's kundalini style, so a big emphasis on gentleness and breathing.

(plus if you do know a good one, please let me know - I am ALL EARS)

I am THISCLOSE to getting down on the filthy carpet at work and lying prostrate until the PAIN (or the day) ENDS.

In other news, I felt the first baby kicky flutters over the weekend (which felt more like bubbles popping in my tummy), which was exciting. I can't wait until it gets to a stage when Dr-Mr can feel them too.

I have really fun & gorgeous new products from Zooblast and Sneak Design for Georgie Love, but in the hills it rained ALL WEEKEND and grey and dim light is not conducive to good photography. Next weekend, so STAY TUNED.

Until then, let's nap! ZzzZZzZZZzzzzzzzzz


.girl ferment. said...

I know our yoga instructor is pretty precise about the direction she gives pregnant women. Perhaps you should speak to your old instructor about what to do at home/what books to use.
good luck.