Thursday, May 22, 2008

Woo! Giveaway

In the great Blog Spirit of Paying it Forward (although to tell you the truth, I hated the movie, but like the premise) and in light of my good fortune of late, I am pleased to announce the Georgie Love Blog, teeny tiny giveaway!

I have SO MUCH stuff, it's not even funny, I have all kinds of Georgie Love products, zines, paper things, stickers etc, lots and lots of fun things that are currently cluttering about. So I am going to put together a care package for one Georgie-Friend-Blog-Reader.

To be in the running, please just comment below with your favourite boy-girl names (seriously, Dr-Mr and I are getting really stuck here, so we need all the ideas and inspiration we can get) and you will be in the running to WIN. I think entries will close on Monday next week.

(ps: I think the picture above is a very adequate illustration as to why I am not a) any kind of graphic or technical artist and b) good with my hands, I can't draw a straight line to SAVE MY LIFE)


Michelle said...

Boys - Edward, Hugo, Lachlan (Lachie), Seamus

Girls - Ruby, Eve, Gracie, Mia, Harper, Rose, Sasha

Hope you get lots of suggestions!

Danielle Melnyczenko said...

I love:
GIRLS - Zoe & Amelia
BOYS - Evan & Zak

you can download cool fonts for free at and create graphic in the paint program... thats all I use :)

Loving the blog, Im glad I found you through decor8

Bec Witney said...

Hey Sal,
Here are my favourites!! Although, I'm sure I've mentioned them before.
BOYS: Jett, Micah, Seth
GIRLS: Elliott, Milla, Quinn
As much as I hope this experiment helps you, what if it makes your decision even harder! It has to be something rockin - get it?! I kill myself!
Talk soon, Bec

Brooke MC said...

Ooh, I love talking names. Sparky and I have spent hours talking about this!!

Boys: Finley, Atticus, Reg
Girls: Scout, Sidonie, Matilda

Daisy said...

Hey Salmo,

Girls: Alice, Charlotte, Saoirse (it's pronounced "Seersha" and means freedom)

Boys: Arlo, Daniel, Max,

P.S. According to the random baby name generator on this website ( you should name your firstborn...Latifah..Latifah Morrigan)

Karin said...

Girl-- Fiona, Skye, Catriona, Autumn, Katherine, Karina, Lilac, Violet, Caitlin
Boy-- Benjamin

Betty Jo said...

I discovered a great place for name inspiration (if like me you like ye olde names)The cemetary! The Preston Cemetary is not morbid and is full of cool names on the crumbling old headstones. I'm liking...
Violet, Grace, Rosie
Henry, Charles, Sid.

BigCat said...

Ooh, am I too late. I would love some Georgie Love goodness in my life.

Now for names. I love betty jo's idea for finding classic names. I love Charlotte and Brydie for the girls and I really love Luka for a boy. Lots of great suggestions in the comments though.

summer pickles said...

I know I am late but had to share... hubby wants to call our first born: Cinderella or King. Neither have made it to the agreed shortlist, so I feel happy to share them here! Naming is hard! Good luck with your selection... some of the names listed here are not bad...

Drewzel said...

I'm just throwing my two cents worth in, but I'm with Betty Jo, all for traditional names - I think the world needs a fresh round of Rubys, Sidneys and Ivys, the odd Alfred, Cecily and Mavis, and my fave kids names have always been Charlotte and James. :P

Indy Boo said...

Hey Salby

Indigo wanted to let you know her faves:
girl: Ruby or Olive (her cousins)
boy: Jasper or Jacob (maybe a brother one day...
Hope we get to see the bump when we're in town! Keep your chocolate levels dibs x