Monday, June 30, 2008

Where there is a grotesque incident.

Oh it's another Monday, but at least the roads are quiet from school holidays AND the sun was out a little bit (although in saying that, it's suddenly overcast again). It was a very busy weekend, but that's not always a bad thing, but I have to tell you about the VERY FUNNY AND GROTESQUE INJURY I suffered, courtesy of Georgie-dog.

Dr-Mr and I take Georgie to many kinds of parks and primary schools for Georgie's weekend walks (earlier photo reference here), we have a couple of favourites that we visit on the weekend as there is not enough light during the week (so George and I have morning weekday walks in the dark).

ANYWAY, weekend walks are the good ones and we all enjoy them. Dr-Mr and I kick a ball around, Georgie runs, sniffs, wees and explores. We have a tennis ball game we play with George where Dr-Mr and I stand a good portion away from each other and throw the ball to each other and George runs in between us, hoping it will drop and he can grab it (which thanks to me and my distinct lack of coordination does happen a number of times during the game). George grabs the dropped ball and runs in the opposite direction, which leads to MUCH FUN as he refuses to drop or come back with the ball. Or he'll drop the ball 20 metres away and run back to me expecting CUDDLES AND PRAISE, I AM SUCH A GOOD BOY.

We were all playing yesterday afternoon, when it happened. Running to catch the tennis ball on the bounce, dog spittle also bounced off the ball, with a fleck of gravel and both went STRAIGHT INTO MY OPEN EYE. Yes, you read correctly, never mind the gravel DOG DROOL WENT INTO MY EYE. Dr-Mr was laughing too much to help at first, the dog drool can be wiped away, but I needed assistance with the gravel.

SO. Disgusting. No ill-effect is being suffered today, but that is one of the most revolting George-related injuries I have had. AND my dog accidentally gave me a black eye when I called him over and put my head down to say hello and give him a cuddle and he jumped up to lick my cheek at the same time.

Photos don't do it justice - was mostly covered in concealer and make up. It hurt like hell at the time, but I mostly laughed (after the tears stopped) and walked around town like I was SUPER TOUGH.

Cause I totally AM.

Um, other than that... We've had no internet connection at home for a WEEK now and I don't know if Telstra are any closer to resolving their error. SO ANNOYING.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh, some little news things.

If in Adelaide, please check out Street Mag Rip it Up. The most recent edition has a bit of an editorial thing on Georgie Love, where I had to choose 3 very different things on the site that I loved. One was Trove's gorgeous Barcelona Ring, the "I Will Help You Grow Print" by Julie Knoblock and Julie Ramsden's wonderful range of toys. They were kind enough to send me a copy which is on the desk at home, but I have not had a chance to scan it yet.

The latest issue of Frankie magazine has a piece on Georgie-Friend Emma Grace. My local, very dodgy Newsagency-Post Office DOES NOT STOCK IT, but a scan will come soon too. They featured her new range of brooches, which I DO have ready to go online and show you all, but it's... ah... a time issue at the moment.

I just subscribed to Frankie instead, it's a bargain at less than $50! I hate my newsagency too by the way.

Have you even seen all the new stuff online lately? I keep putting off sending a newsletter out because I always think "oh, just when I get that next thing online", but then something else pops up and the cycle begins again. But there are MANY, MANY, MANY new things. Plus I have photos of other new things to put online today and tomorrow.... AND my desk is already crowded with things to photograph next weekend. Beautiful things... fabricy things. Much joy to be had. The light at home has been dim with constant weekend rain, so the photography of the new stuff, not as good as it could be. I am ridiculously dependent on the weather.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've had a week of headaches (literally, not figuratively!), but the following things have been pretty good about the week.

1. My lovely friend in Deb gave me a very early birthday present / baby gift. It was a huge envelope filled with individually wrapped bits and pieces (it also included a lovely pair of striped socks, but I was already wearing them by the time I took the photo. Thank you so much Deb!

2. This romper suit made me laugh and laugh when I saw it. Check out the FABULOUS fabric. It's a rainbow wonderland of retro goodness.

3. This BANANA STICKY TAPE. I love it and can't stop looking at it. It's now being stuck over everything.

4. The view from our bed (& then standing up in bed). The bedroom is on the third story of our little A-Frame house and so it's very high-up in the treetops! I have not spent enough time in bed this weekend. No siree. It's Sunday night and I am most tired.

It HAS NOT STOPPED RAINING ALL WEEKEND. George is ready to chew my toes off from boredom. And yet he refuses to go out in the rain. Make your choice, Georgie.

Dr-Mr made me laugh and laugh yesterday. I call George Dumpling as a nickname, we have a cuddle or I get home from work and it's all "How are you , my little dumpling?"
Dr-Mr responded with: "George isn't a dumpling, he's a whole f**king banquet".

Oh dear Georgie. I like to think of you more as robust... or curvaceous. Yes indeed.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Monday, June 16, 2008

because there is nothing else at the moment

I am bad. Sort of. In a not-very-bad, mostly too enthusiastic, impatient kind of way.
I was supposed to have the next ultrasound on Tuesday week. Julie Knoblock, who is oddly enough, due the same day I am, had hers TODAY and she knows what her baby is. But I will let her tell you in her own time, obviously that is not my news to tell. But I was supposed to wait A WHOLE WEEK of NOT KNOWING. I am fit to burst. BURST I TELL YOU. So bad and envious in not a really malicious envious way, more of a DAMNIT, I NEED TO KNOW NOW!

So I changed our appointment to tomorrow. Luckily, Dr-Mr is as impatient about getting to know the bump as I am, so he was supportive, even though it means sacrificing his working from home day (of which, I am truly envious of). EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE thinks it is a girl. My whole belly is too chubby at this stage to determine a specific shape. So I asked lady-friends at work and they said "You just give off that total vibe of having a girl". Ok, fair enough, but is what you are really telling me that I AM LOSING MY LOOKS?. Bah. I will know for certain in 24 hours. No less!

Apart from the sensation of little bubble bursts, I got the first (what I would consider) proper kicks last night in bed. Exciting. Until it gets too big and the kicks hurt. Now they are just full of wonder.

Anyway, speaking of Julie Knoblock, have you seen her new print? It is wonderful and on my list of things to buy.

I certainly love it muchly. You can get it from her etsy shop.

In SAD news, I did not have pancakes over the weekend and I am surly and resentful as a result. I DID however have scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms and it was definitely delicious. As was the company.

I have 2,000,000 things to update on Georgie Love, but time is escaping me today. Forgive me, tomorrow perhaps?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hooray! Although to tell you the truth, we need NO ENCOURAGEMENT in selling these scarves as they are little like hotcakes that sell very, very fast (and speaking of hotcakes, I have had a craving for PANCAKES for like 2 weeks now and Dr-Mr has AS YET FAILED in making himself available to take me on a pancake breakfast date)... ANYWAY, food, distracting as usual, but Michi Girl sees fit to encourage others to buy Frankie & Ray's wonderful wool scarves.

I have been encouraging you for months now too, so get in there (and if they sell out quickly, don't despair - more ARE ALWAYS on the way).

Have a very good weekend! I have made what was going to a Sunday Brunch catch-up with one lady-friend now include about 5. And I am looking forward to it, although I think the cafe in question HAS NO PANCAKES. They DO however a pan fried gingerbread with I think bananas and ricotta and there may even be some butterscotch sauce in there that is TO DIE FOR, so I better start withholding all sugar intake now to prepare for the rush. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Or maybe scrambled eggs on toast. But it's the company that is far sweeter than the food, right?

Monday, June 09, 2008

I hope you are enjoying your Public Holiday (and I just had to check what it was - ok, it's Queen's Birthday today). Why don't I know? Because I AM AT WORK. Although admittedly it's really pretty good working on a public holiday - the roads are EMPTY, it took no time to get to work. Bah.

But anyway, let's ignore the fact I am a curmudgeonly old lady, I DO hope you are having a good day off, are inside somewhere super-snug with Hot Chocolate (or other warm, tasty beverage), lots of snacks and a giant, fluffy rug or doona. It's cold and dark and we should all find solace in food, snuggling into the couch and trashy daytime television.

I keep meaning to send a newsletter out, because there are a million new things on Georgie Love, but I am holding off as there is still MORE to come this week, I have it on good authority. But in the meantime, to warm your (and mainly mine) cranky hearts, check out the adorable winter range from Made by White. I am fairly in love and they are online NOW.

I also have 4 new pure wool scarflets in from the simply lovely Jo of Frankie & Ray - they sell out in matter of seconds* (*slight exaggeration), but the truth is, I never get to hold onto them for long.

So if you like the look of them, grab one. I have a perfect-shade-of-green one and I am rarely without it. That scarf pictured is the perfect-shade-of-blue. And let me tell you, I am TEMPTED.

In other news, I had my first shopping experience at ALDI over the weekend. Whilst the bargains were good (& I am enjoying the Yoghurt, Fruit & Nut Bar I am currently eating), I think I am ILL-EQUIPPED to deal with the trolley / checkout / speeds / oh-my-god-there-is-not-enough-time-to-get-everything - in-my-bags-and-I-look-like-a-dickhead-who-is-holding - everything-up, frenzy that I experienced. You got the better of me ALDI THIS TIME, but I am ok with looking stupid. And slow. And WAY inexperienced.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Phew. Ok, so after our week or so house sitting in the inner burbs, we are back at home in the misty hills of home! It's kind of funny, Georgie Love was reasonably quiet, which was good and made things easy and relaxing, but since coming back about 10 orders came in overnight, so I guess everything is back to normal. It was good to have a bit of a break, but I am glad to be home! I missed the house and the hills. I stopped at the Emerald Bakery on the way to work and bought some date scones for breakfast (it's a bit of a craving at the moment) and they were still very warm. Delicious!

I have been reading/hearing about all these vivid dreams you are supposed to have when pregnant. I have been dreaming about the most MUNDANE things possible, it's quite the opposite... UNTIL LAST NIGHT. I had three really bizarre and emotional dreams (possibly due to the fact Dr-Mr and I had frustrating appointments at the hospital yesterday). In the first dream I had the baby, lost it and was searching through the Yellow Pages in order to work out where I left it (at least I took a methodical approach to finding said Bub).

In the second dream I had tied Georgie-dog up in the middle of the city, forgot that I had left him there and was running through the city at night trying to find him. I did eventually find him, several days later and he was very hungry and he stood up wagging his tail when he saw me, even though I WAS SO VERY BAD and left him there. Sorry George. :-( When I woke up I had to wake George up too to give him a bit of a guilty cuddle. The last one was too horrible to talk about, so let's MOVE ON. Ahem.

Phew. All dreams involved a lot of emotions and crying and I feel quite weary as a result. So stupid!

It's still so foggy outside, I love it. What I DO NOT LOVE is the fact that the gas heaters are not working at the day job. We DON'T have air conditioning in summer and now we don't have heating in winter! My finglets are all freezy making it hard to type. I am sure there is an energy guzzling blow heater around somewhere, I must find it.

To finish up this mostly mundane post - I posted the Georgie Love package (or it may be Sal & Georgie Love Care Package) to name-inspiration winner BigCat yesterday and it was so fun to put together, although it was a collection of things, not just Georgie Love related. I can't wait for her to open it! Hooray! Dr-Mr and I HAVE agreed on a boy name (finally!), but knowing our luck, we'll be having a girl. We find out in 3ish weeks I think. I CAN'T WAIT.

Oh and finally, does anyone know of a cheap, dog-friendly (and we are all very, very well behaved) holiday house not too far a drive away? We are not going to have the time or $$$ for a proper holiday, but a long weekend away would be perfect. Please let me know if you do!