Monday, June 16, 2008

because there is nothing else at the moment

I am bad. Sort of. In a not-very-bad, mostly too enthusiastic, impatient kind of way.
I was supposed to have the next ultrasound on Tuesday week. Julie Knoblock, who is oddly enough, due the same day I am, had hers TODAY and she knows what her baby is. But I will let her tell you in her own time, obviously that is not my news to tell. But I was supposed to wait A WHOLE WEEK of NOT KNOWING. I am fit to burst. BURST I TELL YOU. So bad and envious in not a really malicious envious way, more of a DAMNIT, I NEED TO KNOW NOW!

So I changed our appointment to tomorrow. Luckily, Dr-Mr is as impatient about getting to know the bump as I am, so he was supportive, even though it means sacrificing his working from home day (of which, I am truly envious of). EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE thinks it is a girl. My whole belly is too chubby at this stage to determine a specific shape. So I asked lady-friends at work and they said "You just give off that total vibe of having a girl". Ok, fair enough, but is what you are really telling me that I AM LOSING MY LOOKS?. Bah. I will know for certain in 24 hours. No less!

Apart from the sensation of little bubble bursts, I got the first (what I would consider) proper kicks last night in bed. Exciting. Until it gets too big and the kicks hurt. Now they are just full of wonder.

Anyway, speaking of Julie Knoblock, have you seen her new print? It is wonderful and on my list of things to buy.

I certainly love it muchly. You can get it from her etsy shop.

In SAD news, I did not have pancakes over the weekend and I am surly and resentful as a result. I DID however have scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms and it was definitely delicious. As was the company.

I have 2,000,000 things to update on Georgie Love, but time is escaping me today. Forgive me, tomorrow perhaps?


Michelle said...

Are you going to reveal the sex, or keep it all a big secret?! How exciting for you both!

BigCat said...

You crack me up. I love it. Changing your appointment because you can't wait to know.

Bummer about the pancakes. I'd be surly too.

Jules Knoblock said...

Oh God pancakes.. I keep wanting to eat them like, everyday but I really should be eating muesli with fruit and yoghurt and other such healthy things that I can't stomach in the mornings! Pancakes with lemon and sugar go down so much easier!!!

I am still chuckling at you changing your ultrasound date. Isn't in much better to know :) God I don't know how people wait till the birth. People with freakish self control I imagine...