Monday, June 09, 2008

I hope you are enjoying your Public Holiday (and I just had to check what it was - ok, it's Queen's Birthday today). Why don't I know? Because I AM AT WORK. Although admittedly it's really pretty good working on a public holiday - the roads are EMPTY, it took no time to get to work. Bah.

But anyway, let's ignore the fact I am a curmudgeonly old lady, I DO hope you are having a good day off, are inside somewhere super-snug with Hot Chocolate (or other warm, tasty beverage), lots of snacks and a giant, fluffy rug or doona. It's cold and dark and we should all find solace in food, snuggling into the couch and trashy daytime television.

I keep meaning to send a newsletter out, because there are a million new things on Georgie Love, but I am holding off as there is still MORE to come this week, I have it on good authority. But in the meantime, to warm your (and mainly mine) cranky hearts, check out the adorable winter range from Made by White. I am fairly in love and they are online NOW.

I also have 4 new pure wool scarflets in from the simply lovely Jo of Frankie & Ray - they sell out in matter of seconds* (*slight exaggeration), but the truth is, I never get to hold onto them for long.

So if you like the look of them, grab one. I have a perfect-shade-of-green one and I am rarely without it. That scarf pictured is the perfect-shade-of-blue. And let me tell you, I am TEMPTED.

In other news, I had my first shopping experience at ALDI over the weekend. Whilst the bargains were good (& I am enjoying the Yoghurt, Fruit & Nut Bar I am currently eating), I think I am ILL-EQUIPPED to deal with the trolley / checkout / speeds / oh-my-god-there-is-not-enough-time-to-get-everything - in-my-bags-and-I-look-like-a-dickhead-who-is-holding - everything-up, frenzy that I experienced. You got the better of me ALDI THIS TIME, but I am ok with looking stupid. And slow. And WAY inexperienced.


Michelle said...

I just had a hot chocolate, but I will have another one, just for you. I can't believe you have to work today! (listen to me, the unemployed one moaning about you having to work!)

The owl pendant just made me gasp. I really did gasp. I will have to go on over and dream!

Penny said...

I'm about to have a hot chocolate too... I ran out of marshmallows though, boohoo.

An Aldi tip - avoid the fake Pringles they have there, they're not very nice.

Kirsty said...

Your bit about Aldi made me laugh - thank you!

Betty Jo said...

Well, I tried Aldi too (me no likey)
It has a very odd smell and when I was preggers I couldn't bear it. But if you race in very quickly and hold your breath it has very good quality disposable nappies, trampolines, imitation Special K , and blow up dingies.
Oh and byo bags and grocery handler!
xx liz