Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've had a week of headaches (literally, not figuratively!), but the following things have been pretty good about the week.

1. My lovely friend in Deb gave me a very early birthday present / baby gift. It was a huge envelope filled with individually wrapped bits and pieces (it also included a lovely pair of striped socks, but I was already wearing them by the time I took the photo. Thank you so much Deb!

2. This romper suit made me laugh and laugh when I saw it. Check out the FABULOUS fabric. It's a rainbow wonderland of retro goodness.

3. This BANANA STICKY TAPE. I love it and can't stop looking at it. It's now being stuck over everything.

4. The view from our bed (& then standing up in bed). The bedroom is on the third story of our little A-Frame house and so it's very high-up in the treetops! I have not spent enough time in bed this weekend. No siree. It's Sunday night and I am most tired.

It HAS NOT STOPPED RAINING ALL WEEKEND. George is ready to chew my toes off from boredom. And yet he refuses to go out in the rain. Make your choice, Georgie.

Dr-Mr made me laugh and laugh yesterday. I call George Dumpling as a nickname, we have a cuddle or I get home from work and it's all "How are you , my little dumpling?"
Dr-Mr responded with: "George isn't a dumpling, he's a whole f**king banquet".

Oh dear Georgie. I like to think of you more as robust... or curvaceous. Yes indeed.


BigCat said...

Your A-frame house sounds lovely. The view is gorgeous.

Poor George, nobody likes to be referred to as banquet size.

Beth J said...

When I was in Tokyo last month I picked up a whole awesome stationary kit with those bananas on it! I saw the bananas everywhere. Not sure what it's all about. Something crazy and Japanese I'm sure.