Monday, June 30, 2008

Where there is a grotesque incident.

Oh it's another Monday, but at least the roads are quiet from school holidays AND the sun was out a little bit (although in saying that, it's suddenly overcast again). It was a very busy weekend, but that's not always a bad thing, but I have to tell you about the VERY FUNNY AND GROTESQUE INJURY I suffered, courtesy of Georgie-dog.

Dr-Mr and I take Georgie to many kinds of parks and primary schools for Georgie's weekend walks (earlier photo reference here), we have a couple of favourites that we visit on the weekend as there is not enough light during the week (so George and I have morning weekday walks in the dark).

ANYWAY, weekend walks are the good ones and we all enjoy them. Dr-Mr and I kick a ball around, Georgie runs, sniffs, wees and explores. We have a tennis ball game we play with George where Dr-Mr and I stand a good portion away from each other and throw the ball to each other and George runs in between us, hoping it will drop and he can grab it (which thanks to me and my distinct lack of coordination does happen a number of times during the game). George grabs the dropped ball and runs in the opposite direction, which leads to MUCH FUN as he refuses to drop or come back with the ball. Or he'll drop the ball 20 metres away and run back to me expecting CUDDLES AND PRAISE, I AM SUCH A GOOD BOY.

We were all playing yesterday afternoon, when it happened. Running to catch the tennis ball on the bounce, dog spittle also bounced off the ball, with a fleck of gravel and both went STRAIGHT INTO MY OPEN EYE. Yes, you read correctly, never mind the gravel DOG DROOL WENT INTO MY EYE. Dr-Mr was laughing too much to help at first, the dog drool can be wiped away, but I needed assistance with the gravel.

SO. Disgusting. No ill-effect is being suffered today, but that is one of the most revolting George-related injuries I have had. AND my dog accidentally gave me a black eye when I called him over and put my head down to say hello and give him a cuddle and he jumped up to lick my cheek at the same time.

Photos don't do it justice - was mostly covered in concealer and make up. It hurt like hell at the time, but I mostly laughed (after the tears stopped) and walked around town like I was SUPER TOUGH.

Cause I totally AM.

Um, other than that... We've had no internet connection at home for a WEEK now and I don't know if Telstra are any closer to resolving their error. SO ANNOYING.


MildlyCrafty said...

Eww that is gross! I have a similar spit story, my high school science teacher spat in my eye (by accident!) once. I didn't know what had happened, I said "what was that" and she answered "I spat in your eye, sorry"!!!