Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Adventures in LAME

Dear Carpet Call,

I am aware than you are unaware that I am a pregnant lady. I am currently a weetbix-craving, volatile nesting bundle of HORMONAL ENERGY with a baby sitting on my bladder. My house also needs new carpet, desperately. We bought our house from a Vietnam-Vet ex-Commando who, while definitely having significant maladjusted issues, being an obsessive and fastidious cleaner was not one of them. After thoroughly vacuuming our bedroom after moving in and the carpet STILL making us sneeze and cough throughout the night, we ripped it out the next day and we have been living with untreated floorboards in the bedroom, leaving the horrible carpet in the hallway and some rather un-fetching blue carpet tiles in the current study/soon to be nursery.

We DO live in the hills, it's cold and also winter, so those reasons and also prompted by the forthcoming baby, we decided that new carpet would be an ideal investment. As would be new curtains, but that adventure is NEXT weekend.

While I appreciate that we live 60kms out of the city, we live less than 20 from our nearest Carpet Call store. I was MOST PLEASED that you would come out on a Saturday afternoon and bring carpets and because I am a) most lame b) rabidly nesting c) fairly devoid of any other topics of conversations at the moment, I was SO EXCITED and told EVERYONE about my carpet-seeking adventures.

Anyway, it's Saturday, I am all limber, relaxed and rested after my Preg Fitness class, Dr-Mr had returned after an unprecedented 3 hour driving lesson. We sat on the couch, watched Location, Location, Location (I love this show) and waited. After AN HOUR of no Carpet and no phone calls EXPLAINING WHY I WASN'T SEEING ANY CARPET, I caved and called YOU. With NO APOLOGY, I was told that the guy was held up in Richmond and the Manager would come out himself on Sunday.

Sunday, we are on the couch, stuffed from breakfast and a ridiculous amount of hot jam donuts eaten in the freezing cold at the local winter festival, which let me tell you, while it is such a short lived pleasure followed by so much discomfort, there are NO REGRETS. I was rubbing my sore jam-filled belly and can't remember what was on the tv, but we were PATIENTLY WAITING. AGAIN. After an HOUR, with no PHONE CALL and no PEOPLE WITH CARPET, I called and left messages and NO ONE CALLED ME BACK. Dr-Mr tried to placate my sulky face with cuddles and trash-talk.

Carpet Call, you are an ass. You owe me a weekend. And I am going to Carpet Court this week.

Again, NO LOVE and obviously NO CARPET
Sally, Dr-Mr and Georgie

Friday, July 25, 2008

This is NOT a joke people!!!!

I didn't know if I should entitle this post as I AM NEVER GETTING (properly) DRESSED AGAIN (at least in winter) or THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU WILL EVER MAKE.

Meet Lazypatch's DOONA SUIT. For $140 you can buy a full suit (pants and jacket, although they are sold separately). The jacket comes with an extra large pocket for "the tv remote, mobile phone or pizza menu".

If you are feeling a bit shy about the white colour being so obviously doona-coloured, it also comes in a range of colours, so no one ever has to know.

George tells me he wants one too.
Oh, this has not been the world's greatest week, but it's FRIDAY, which means that there is going to be 2 days of nothing (which for us means preg fitness class, driving lessons, brunch with friends, dog walking, a visit from carpet call and possibly more second hand car browsing).

Is it ridiculous that I have CUP HOLDER high up on the new car list? Along with big enough for baby seat and pram (current leaders are Mazda Metro and Holden Cruze, because as far as folks go, we are WAY FANCY), under 10K, enough room for George, but not so that he had to share the back seat with the baby and since we drive about 80kms a day (seriously), GOOD FUEL ECONOMY. Oh, any recommendations greatly received because really, I have not a clue.

I was craving THAI FOOD yesterday (I think it was the spiciness, combined with peanut and eggy goodness). So, we did have THAI for dinner... um. Maybe it was bad Thai since Dr-Mr and I were tag-teaming the single... uh... bathroom in the house soon after. We are both fine now, but I can confirm that my THAI craving is... satisfied.

We went for a walk in the sun today, over lunch. It's really quite gorgeous outside, so if you can, go get some winter sunshine. Perfect thing to lift flagging spirits.

Other thing to lift my spirits this week are these scarflets... which are baby soft (merino wool), snuggly and well, look fairly awesome if I say so myself.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am lucky enough to have a very, very nice boss. He is rather lovely, patient and very easy to work with and for. However, when he came in this morning, still with horrible cold, I did say "WAY TO GO MAKING THE PREGNANT LADY SICK, JOHN!"



That is all.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Well, it's Monday and I am actually feeling pretty chipper. We had a much more relaxing weekend than last weekend (which dramatically included an emergency trip to the vet - which is fine, Georgie broke a nail with much blood and eventual morphine and vitamin K! He was out of his little mind). He was hobbling around the house very pitifully for a few days with a little bandaged paw. Dr-Mr was trying to get me to take a photo of him in his feeling sorry for himself state, but I was so tired after the weekend, I was in my own feeling sorry for myself state and the opportunity passed. Needless to say, he is back to normal and chirpy again. As am I.

Anyway this weekend was an excellent mix of busy and lazy - I had breakfast with the lovely Lyndsay from Made by White and her (also lovely) partner Ben on Saturday morning. We met at the Nancybird studio sale, which led to SO MUCH JOY.

I went insisting that I would not buy anything, but I did pick up 2 beautiful bags for $55 (including this beautiful leather one), such a score, I have to say NO REGRETS. Plus the company was brilliant. The afternoon involved a nap on the couch and if I did anything else, I can't remember.

Oh you might remember my yoga-pain-body-breakdown- fiasco from a little while ago? My new DVD recommended by Amazon finally arrived last week, I did it Sunday morning and it was PERFECT. I felt nothing but relaxed and limber after (oh and incredibly hungry). That was followed by shopping for cars (no outcome), a delicious lunch at our favourite local cafe and more naps on the couch. Oh and the evening was topped up with a LIGHT EXPLODING IN MY HAND. Which was far less dramatic that it sounds, but did prevent me from uploading any new things on Georgie Love. Damnit.

Had a really good midwife appointment this morning, all is well with Kicky La Rue (as she is know at the moment), so this week should be a good one.

That is, if I can resist purchasing these bookends for an unborn child who can't even read yet and won't for a LONG time. Even if she already does own 1001 books of her own, since her Dad is a book-loving academic. Because am I made of money? NO I AM NOT. I am made of peppermint tea, babybel cheese, weetbix, carrots and crankiness.

Friday, July 18, 2008

...but at least it's Friday.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have lost ALL COMMUNICATION CAPABILITIES. ALL OF THEM. I have been feeling chipper because everyone talks about "pregnancy brain" and I had thus far avoided it. UNTIL NOW.

I was talking to someone on the phone, someone who hasn't met me yet and I was UNABLE TO STRING A SENTENCE TOGETHER. Instead of STOLEN I said the word STEALEND.

Oh dear. I can't even remember what else I said.

I totally need a nap. And a cookie.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Oh, I am so COLD and it's making me cranky. I'd LOVE a steaming hot coffee and giant piece of decadent cake deliciousness (I don't care that it's not even 10am yet), instead I have a cup of peppermint tea and a babybel cheese.

Anyway, excellent Melbourne site Curious Kate brought to our attention this morning a website called Surf The Channel. Which, while I am uncertain of it's legality, enables you to watch full episodes of any tv show you like a selection of new and older movies. It has certainly guaranteed that I will be doing no work today, tomorrow, or the rest of the month.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz for now. I'd like to pretend that I am heading back under the covers with coffee, cake and a laptop, but I am in the office, with paper, a clunky pc and a stack of work I need to do today. Viva La Dayjob!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Is this a good week? I can't tell, it's certainly full of UPS and DOWNS. For example, today is day NINE of no internet at home and Telstra are certainly no closer to resolving why they decided to stop giving internet to our house. In the past 9 days I have spoken to 8 different people and spent over 2 hours on the phone to them. Ugh.

So that's the bad side, but on the GOOD side, last week I ordered a few prints from the VERY gorgeous Hide N' Seek for the nursery (which is really a hideous mess of half packed study and baby related boxes at the moment). It took them literally no time at all to fly from the UK to here and they are so beautiful. I love them. Oh and the packaging was to DIE FOR. Perfection.

I even bought proper frames for them - I am SO ASHAMED TO ADMIT that half the artwork in our house (and obviously there is quite a bit) have those hideous plastic certificate frames which I was given in a bundle free, only because when I went to IKEA they were sold out of the good ones they have there. So, while we have very nice art, it's all displayed DODGILY. I will get around to updating them all - eventually.

Anyway, Georgie Love has been super, super busy, which is good, because I have quietly uploaded lots of new things and they are flying out the door without any advertising and fanfare at all. We received our 1000th order in the middle of May and at this rate, will be well over the 2000th before Christmas. Crazy!

I did something... sort of naughty this week too. I am going to a mixtape afternoon tea thing in August and I am kind of REALLY nervous because I am QUITE SHY and will know NOONE, but we all needed to bring a handmade/covered journal and a few other things for a swap. Which is fine, I am a journal keeper from days of old, but we were supposed to MAKE it or DECORATE it ourselves.


No. See. It's a time issue and definitely an exercise for the crafty-competent.

I bought one, it wasn't really expensive and it's absolutely GORGEOUS and I will be bringing that. Is that really terrible?

If you wanted me to write you a little story about ducks, crumpets and telephones then it would be NO PROBLEMO, but making something for someone else to use. Best to leave that to the professionals. I make WORDS and occasionally GOOD IDEAS.