Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have lost ALL COMMUNICATION CAPABILITIES. ALL OF THEM. I have been feeling chipper because everyone talks about "pregnancy brain" and I had thus far avoided it. UNTIL NOW.

I was talking to someone on the phone, someone who hasn't met me yet and I was UNABLE TO STRING A SENTENCE TOGETHER. Instead of STOLEN I said the word STEALEND.

Oh dear. I can't even remember what else I said.

I totally need a nap. And a cookie.


Jessica said...

hehe that made me laugh. i think the nap and cookie will do you good lol :o)

mixtapezine said...

hey sally

you made me laugh!!!
i lost my brain during pregnancy and it took a year to come back!!!


Jules Knoblock said...

Yummmmm!!!! Cookies!!!! I am going to make a cake tonight. I am still livning with guilt of eating way too many sweet things but stuff it! I'm still doing it!

I have also evaded pregnancy brain. Do not pass it on. I'm not sure I can really get any more vague... :P

Kiva said...

Nate's a couple of weeks shy of 6 months and I *still* don't have my brain back.

It's fun, fun, fun!!!

Laugh about it or it'll start to bum you out.

Betty Jo said...

I still talk mumbo jumbo in my regular the 5yo is telling me "Don't make me barrassed " when I drop him off to kinder.Now go and have Many cookies, often. Thinking of you..Liz

Anonymous said...

your brain doesn't come back. i was an accountant have to constantly look in the back of the car and count one, two, three, okay, all there.