Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh, this has not been the world's greatest week, but it's FRIDAY, which means that there is going to be 2 days of nothing (which for us means preg fitness class, driving lessons, brunch with friends, dog walking, a visit from carpet call and possibly more second hand car browsing).

Is it ridiculous that I have CUP HOLDER high up on the new car list? Along with big enough for baby seat and pram (current leaders are Mazda Metro and Holden Cruze, because as far as folks go, we are WAY FANCY), under 10K, enough room for George, but not so that he had to share the back seat with the baby and since we drive about 80kms a day (seriously), GOOD FUEL ECONOMY. Oh, any recommendations greatly received because really, I have not a clue.

I was craving THAI FOOD yesterday (I think it was the spiciness, combined with peanut and eggy goodness). So, we did have THAI for dinner... um. Maybe it was bad Thai since Dr-Mr and I were tag-teaming the single... uh... bathroom in the house soon after. We are both fine now, but I can confirm that my THAI craving is... satisfied.

We went for a walk in the sun today, over lunch. It's really quite gorgeous outside, so if you can, go get some winter sunshine. Perfect thing to lift flagging spirits.

Other thing to lift my spirits this week are these scarflets... which are baby soft (merino wool), snuggly and well, look fairly awesome if I say so myself.


Penny said...

pad thai... yum!

BigCat said...

That scarflet is beautiful. I love it. Am off to look at the link.

I totally understand putting a cup holder high on the list. My partner and I nearly bought a car once just because of the cup holders.