Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Is this a good week? I can't tell, it's certainly full of UPS and DOWNS. For example, today is day NINE of no internet at home and Telstra are certainly no closer to resolving why they decided to stop giving internet to our house. In the past 9 days I have spoken to 8 different people and spent over 2 hours on the phone to them. Ugh.

So that's the bad side, but on the GOOD side, last week I ordered a few prints from the VERY gorgeous Hide N' Seek for the nursery (which is really a hideous mess of half packed study and baby related boxes at the moment). It took them literally no time at all to fly from the UK to here and they are so beautiful. I love them. Oh and the packaging was to DIE FOR. Perfection.

I even bought proper frames for them - I am SO ASHAMED TO ADMIT that half the artwork in our house (and obviously there is quite a bit) have those hideous plastic certificate frames which I was given in a bundle free, only because when I went to IKEA they were sold out of the good ones they have there. So, while we have very nice art, it's all displayed DODGILY. I will get around to updating them all - eventually.

Anyway, Georgie Love has been super, super busy, which is good, because I have quietly uploaded lots of new things and they are flying out the door without any advertising and fanfare at all. We received our 1000th order in the middle of May and at this rate, will be well over the 2000th before Christmas. Crazy!

I did something... sort of naughty this week too. I am going to a mixtape afternoon tea thing in August and I am kind of REALLY nervous because I am QUITE SHY and will know NOONE, but we all needed to bring a handmade/covered journal and a few other things for a swap. Which is fine, I am a journal keeper from days of old, but we were supposed to MAKE it or DECORATE it ourselves.


No. See. It's a time issue and definitely an exercise for the crafty-competent.

I bought one, it wasn't really expensive and it's absolutely GORGEOUS and I will be bringing that. Is that really terrible?

If you wanted me to write you a little story about ducks, crumpets and telephones then it would be NO PROBLEMO, but making something for someone else to use. Best to leave that to the professionals. I make WORDS and occasionally GOOD IDEAS.


BigCat said...

Those prints are so amazing. More things I need to buy.

The journal looks lovely. Your swap buddy will be happy. However, I'm sure you underestimate your ability to be creative.

hokey said...

Ohhhh!!! The prints are beautiful! She's going to be one lucky baby! Thanks for the link

thetinylittlegirl said...

love the prints!

and i'm sure you'll be forgiven for buying a journal to bring, so long as you confess ;-)