Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Adventures in LAME

Dear Carpet Call,

I am aware than you are unaware that I am a pregnant lady. I am currently a weetbix-craving, volatile nesting bundle of HORMONAL ENERGY with a baby sitting on my bladder. My house also needs new carpet, desperately. We bought our house from a Vietnam-Vet ex-Commando who, while definitely having significant maladjusted issues, being an obsessive and fastidious cleaner was not one of them. After thoroughly vacuuming our bedroom after moving in and the carpet STILL making us sneeze and cough throughout the night, we ripped it out the next day and we have been living with untreated floorboards in the bedroom, leaving the horrible carpet in the hallway and some rather un-fetching blue carpet tiles in the current study/soon to be nursery.

We DO live in the hills, it's cold and also winter, so those reasons and also prompted by the forthcoming baby, we decided that new carpet would be an ideal investment. As would be new curtains, but that adventure is NEXT weekend.

While I appreciate that we live 60kms out of the city, we live less than 20 from our nearest Carpet Call store. I was MOST PLEASED that you would come out on a Saturday afternoon and bring carpets and because I am a) most lame b) rabidly nesting c) fairly devoid of any other topics of conversations at the moment, I was SO EXCITED and told EVERYONE about my carpet-seeking adventures.

Anyway, it's Saturday, I am all limber, relaxed and rested after my Preg Fitness class, Dr-Mr had returned after an unprecedented 3 hour driving lesson. We sat on the couch, watched Location, Location, Location (I love this show) and waited. After AN HOUR of no Carpet and no phone calls EXPLAINING WHY I WASN'T SEEING ANY CARPET, I caved and called YOU. With NO APOLOGY, I was told that the guy was held up in Richmond and the Manager would come out himself on Sunday.

Sunday, we are on the couch, stuffed from breakfast and a ridiculous amount of hot jam donuts eaten in the freezing cold at the local winter festival, which let me tell you, while it is such a short lived pleasure followed by so much discomfort, there are NO REGRETS. I was rubbing my sore jam-filled belly and can't remember what was on the tv, but we were PATIENTLY WAITING. AGAIN. After an HOUR, with no PHONE CALL and no PEOPLE WITH CARPET, I called and left messages and NO ONE CALLED ME BACK. Dr-Mr tried to placate my sulky face with cuddles and trash-talk.

Carpet Call, you are an ass. You owe me a weekend. And I am going to Carpet Court this week.

Again, NO LOVE and obviously NO CARPET
Sally, Dr-Mr and Georgie


Michelle said...

So Carpet Call didn't call? They suck.

In my experience they all suck - but I wish you all the very best with the other purveyors of fine carpet-y threads.

Sarah said...

You watch Location, Location, Location too?!! This is all the more exciting considering our upcoming departure from Edinburgh (by the way, Kirstie and Phil's voted no.1 spot in the UK to live!) to the Motherland. I thought I would have to wave goodbye to my beloved duo, but now I don't. YAYAYAY!

Oh and booo Carpet Call!

Beck said...

yes I am a loud and proud Kirsty and Phil devotee as well, and I sooooo sympathise on the flooring disappointment factor, dont they realise what they are doing to us!!! ANGRY HORMONAL NESTING WOMEN. Piss us off at your own peril people.
Oh and good luck with Carpet Court, the jingle clearly isn't as good but i'm hoping the service is better for you!

BigCat said...

Oh dear, do they have any idea who they are messing with. Sick George on to them.

Jules Knoblock said...

What a bunch of morons. This story doesn't surprise me one little bit. Where's the service gone? Please print this letter out and send it to them. I am so very glad you are going to a different shop as clearly carpet call suck arse big time.