Monday, July 21, 2008

Well, it's Monday and I am actually feeling pretty chipper. We had a much more relaxing weekend than last weekend (which dramatically included an emergency trip to the vet - which is fine, Georgie broke a nail with much blood and eventual morphine and vitamin K! He was out of his little mind). He was hobbling around the house very pitifully for a few days with a little bandaged paw. Dr-Mr was trying to get me to take a photo of him in his feeling sorry for himself state, but I was so tired after the weekend, I was in my own feeling sorry for myself state and the opportunity passed. Needless to say, he is back to normal and chirpy again. As am I.

Anyway this weekend was an excellent mix of busy and lazy - I had breakfast with the lovely Lyndsay from Made by White and her (also lovely) partner Ben on Saturday morning. We met at the Nancybird studio sale, which led to SO MUCH JOY.

I went insisting that I would not buy anything, but I did pick up 2 beautiful bags for $55 (including this beautiful leather one), such a score, I have to say NO REGRETS. Plus the company was brilliant. The afternoon involved a nap on the couch and if I did anything else, I can't remember.

Oh you might remember my yoga-pain-body-breakdown- fiasco from a little while ago? My new DVD recommended by Amazon finally arrived last week, I did it Sunday morning and it was PERFECT. I felt nothing but relaxed and limber after (oh and incredibly hungry). That was followed by shopping for cars (no outcome), a delicious lunch at our favourite local cafe and more naps on the couch. Oh and the evening was topped up with a LIGHT EXPLODING IN MY HAND. Which was far less dramatic that it sounds, but did prevent me from uploading any new things on Georgie Love. Damnit.

Had a really good midwife appointment this morning, all is well with Kicky La Rue (as she is know at the moment), so this week should be a good one.

That is, if I can resist purchasing these bookends for an unborn child who can't even read yet and won't for a LONG time. Even if she already does own 1001 books of her own, since her Dad is a book-loving academic. Because am I made of money? NO I AM NOT. I am made of peppermint tea, babybel cheese, weetbix, carrots and crankiness.


cheeky monkey said...

I'm really interested in the pregnancy yoga DVD - what's it called?

Georgie Love said...

That's the DVD I got. It's really gentle and relaxing - lots of stretching. I am more relaxed than tired after it - it's not too difficult.