Friday, August 15, 2008

the bitter and the sweet

I hate bad customer service. It's so unnecessary and FRUSTRATING. I am trying to buy a ton of lidded boxes. You know, the nice kind, that you can reuse and have lids and you open and close them and keep it all neat and tidy. IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND. I want to buy quite a few (and yes, I know, I know I could go to IKEA and buy some and I would then put them together, but IKEA is over an hour away), but no one can help me. I want say 20 or so boxes - I am moving the Georgie Love office from a room that will eventually be a nursery to a little corner in one of our living areas. So I want everything packed away nicely and tidy. Everything is currently in randomly sized postage boxes, with the artists names clearly labeled on the side. Postage boxes, while convenient, look not so fabulous stacked together in public. It makes us look like we live in a Hobo house. And the Georgie Hair Fur Piles at the bottom of the stairs make us look enough of that as it is.

There is a company with a large outlet close to the day job, lets call this shop Smoggle, and they have been SO RIDICULOUSLY UNHELPFUL that I want to kick something. Smoggle have nice boxes in many colours, but their largest outlet in Vic refuses to tell me what they have in stock and if they can help me out. They are trying to send me to a DFO on the other side of town.


Do you know anywhere else I could try? Officeworks have a few, but are incredibly expensive and IKEA is a last resort. I barely care at this point what colour.

So it's not all annoyance and complaints here today, I would like to show you my new favourite blog. I think there is a link between baking and crafting (both are sweet, one is edible, one I can do and one I can not), so I think some of you will appreciate Cakewrecks... "when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong". It's fairly awesome, so enjoy!

And enjoy the weekend all y'all. xo


CurlyPops said...

I've ordered storage boxes from Kebet Cartons and they were delivered right to my door.
The deal with short runs and they were much cheaper than officeworks although I think I had to wait about a week.

potty mouth mama said...

I can't help you on the box front, but that cake site is HILARIOUS. I can see myself wasting lots of time on there. Oh Dear!

MildlyCrafty said...

Love the cake wreck site!! You have to read the story that goes with the "fireman" cake, I was trying to read it out to my husband but was laughing too hard to speak.

Shannon said...

Hello! I manage the Kikki K stationery store in Chadstone - I would love to help you out with your storage boxes! Perhaps check out our website and see if there's anything you like! We can get them couriered out to you as well. Cheers, Shannon.

Indy Boo said...

You better go here before giving in to ikea or officeworks. they are about $4 more for a 2 pk but have your whole world surmise