Monday, August 25, 2008

Giveaway WINNER

I didn't have time over the weekend to properly set Georgie up with the comment numbers and let him snuffle his way through them (Sorry George and sorry other folks), but I channeled a chubby and sooky dog in SPIRIT (it wasn't much of a stretch really) and printed and cut out all the comment numbers for the GREAT 2008 ROCK N ROLL, TRASH N TREASURE GIVEAWAY
and the winner is QUIRKY WORLD! Congratulations!

I don't have your details, so if you could shoot me through a mail via: sally (a) georgielove . com that would be very awesome. Your package will be sent in about a week as it is currently in a big bag that requires sorting through and nicely packing! :-)

More weekend news coming. Not there is much exciting news, apart from me slipping on the stairs and landing hard and sorely on my bottom. I am an AWKWARD and ACCIDENT PRONE lady. Slightly sore to sit on one cheek today.


potty mouth mama said...

Oh no, hope you're ok! Hope your derriere feels better soon lady!

CurlyPops said...

oops...hope your bum cheek gets better!

Quirky World said...

How excitement!!! I cant believe I won your wonderful bag of goodies.. thanks George and thanks Sal... I will shoot you through an email pronto with delivery instructions...

Hope you are not too battered and bruised.. take care of you and the precious one on board..

Daniela Xx

jodi said...

take it easy with that belly!

Quirky World said...

YAY!! My amazing parcel full of Georgie Love freebie goodies arrived in the post today..Thanks soo much Sal... It will all come to good use... I even shared with my sister who is a high school teacher and still gives out stars to her students, so you guessed it, shes getting the star stickers!!

Your parcel of QW goodness is on its way to you today so keep an eye out on monday..

Thanks again..
Daniela XxX