Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Great Trash N Treasure, Rock N Roll Giveaway of 2008

It's been a little while since I have done a GIVEAWAY, so maybe it's overdue. This isn't entirely a GEORGIE LOVE giveaway, it's an "I JUST CLEANED MY STUDY/OFFICE AND I REALISED I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH STUFF THAT I AM NEVER GOING TO USE" giveaway. It's a trash and treasure kind of giveaway, and it's aimed entirely at CRAFTERS. I have put together a pack which includes (all new):

1. Fabric
2. Cute Buttons
3. Japanese Papers/Stationary
4. Stickers
5. Mini Envelopes
6. Jewelery Making bits and bobs
7. Other random stuff I can't remember off the top of my head.
8. Oh, and a copy of the most recent mix cd I made.

To be truthful, it's a pretty cute pack and I would love to see it all go to a good and crafty home somewhere. If you are keen, leave a comment and George will draw a winner over the weekend.


CurlyPops said...

Oooh I love a crafty giveaway... yippee, count me in!

Shannon said...

Me too! Thanks for your comments on my blog also : )

Daisy said...

Hey Salmo,
Pick me George! Pick me!
Btw have you seen the giant furry microbes? www.giantmicrobes.com

dolls123 said...

Wow, thanks for cleaning your office


Quirky World said...

Hey Sal,
Im new to the world of blogging but I know all about Georgie Love.

Im a big believer in one persons trash is another ones treasure.. sooo please George, pick me, pick me ...Xx Daniela

kirsten schueler said...

i would love some of your "trash"!!!

bec said...

SAUSAGES! okay, so now I have Georgie's attention, PICK ME GEORGIE, PICK ME!

cheeky monkey said...

please please pretty please, George. Pick me!

BigCat said...

I think you are awesome Georgie Love. I left you a little award over on my blog. Pop by and pick it up.

AJ said...

ooooh how exciting!!

Hey george, "ruff rufff rrrruff" ;)

Betty Jo said...

All I can say is although my little workspace is very crowded,I would definitely clear some space for some more crafty goodies!
xx Liz aka Betty Jo

hokey said...


I would love to win something, but mostly I just wanted to say hi.


bethany said...

This sounds like an exciting giveaway!! Love mix CDs!! THanks!

potty mouth mama said...

Great giveaway, oh lala. I am a novice crafter - can I enter? So glad you liked the Monkey Email. I send them to my nephews. So cute!

Penny said...

Ooh the mix CD made my ears stand up! Or prick up or whatever they do.

Lauren said...

Oohh hope I'm not too late! :-)