Friday, August 08, 2008

Have you ever been to... The Cuckoo?

Do I need a reason to love Fridays? Isn't the fact that it's Friday enough? Friday is a cuddly day, today it's even sunshiney, it's all about the possibility of sleep-ins, spending time with the people you love, lazy breakfasts with the paper and hangover recoveries. Ah yes. (There is no need to bring up anything to do with catching up on chores you have no time in the week to complete, washing the dog, Saturday mornings at the supermarket or the fact that I can no longer enjoy wine on Friday evenings after a long, long week).

Anyway, this weekend will be a good one, there is much Georgie Love work to be done (and for once, the time to do it properly), a Saturday morning Preg fitness class, which I love and missed last weekend, much slothing at home and a lunch with friends to the quite goofy Cuckoo restaurant. I have been meaning to take Dr-Mr there forever - since I had the idea in April for his birthday (which has obviously come and gone). He has never been and it's one of those places you really need to go and experience once in a lifetime.

I have mentioned the Cuckoo to a few people at work, saying I was going there and it has always been followed with this response:

1. hysterical laughter
2. "ohmygosh, I haven't been there in YEARS"
3. the comment "my partner has never been there, I am going to HAVE to take them in the next few weeks".

Out of everyone I work with - they have all been there at some point or another. It'd down the road from where we live.... have YOU been?

A conversation in the car between me and Dr-Mr:

Me: "I booked a table for all of us for lunch... we have to be there between 12 and 12:30".
Dr-Mr: "Why so early? I thought we were all meeting there after 1"
Me: "Well... that's the time they told us to be there... I guess so we don't miss the show"
Dr-Mr: *genuine look of horror* "THERE'S A SHOW???!!!!!".
Me: 'well... not so much of a show... more music and dancing... and ... stuff"

Um, for those interstate, it's essentially a German-themed restaurant. A smörgåsbord of tasty and heart-attack inducing meats and desserts. Mmmmm... Post weekend breakdown and photos to come!


CurlyPops said...

OMG where is that? I have to go!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

That place is an institution! I love the desserts :)

BigCat said...

Oh yes, I was relating to responses 1,2 and 3. And I will definitely have to take my partner there.

You're right. Loving Fridays is self explanatory. It's fun to put it out there every week though. Fun to think about what about each week or coming weekend is making you happy. You should play along with my Meme.

AccordionManiac said...

Nice blog! The Cuckoo is... hmm..amazing!! My family and friend went there during early Winter and it was an amazing afternoon. We've got it all now on youtube - just so I don't forget how good it was! Cheers