Monday, August 18, 2008

My Love, My Pain

I wasn't sure whether to advertise this or not. Partly because Queen (Christine Boyle) is my ALL TIME FAVOURITE MELBOURNE CLOTHING DESIGNER and the more people that know about the studio sale, the more competition there is on the day to buy CHEAP QUEEN GOODNESS. However I am at a stage where strangers are actively pointing me out as the "pregnant lady" (better that than the fat lady) and I fit into NOTHING. I have given up on wearing office clothes to the day job - I wear what fits and at the moment it's a pair of slightly too big dark demin maternity jeans, boots and a fitted v neck. Not quite corporate, but it's a step up from the men's PJ pants I often sport at home.

ANYWAY, since I can't fit into anything, I am telling YOU to go and buy some bargains on my behalf. Last time I went I got some 3/4 obi wrap pants reduced from $200 and something to $20. There was much joy on that day, my friends, but now that joy is YOURS. THIS WEEKEND. Make sure you get there EARLY. Dr-Mr was busting my chops at the last sale to get there by 10 and we did and it was already packed.

I am already excited and GIFTING myself in a non-clothing way on that Saturday to distract myself from the Non-Sale pain. I am getting my hair cut for the first time in about 6 months. My hairdresser is fairly brilliant, so I am confident I am in for a good time.

Oh and TOMORROW we are finally getting CARPET. I should take a before and after photo, because the bright blue carpet tiles are OUTTA THERE. It meant the weekend was entirely taken up with moving stuff out of the room that will soon be known as the nursery, setting up a new office space for Georgie Love (found some silver polka dot boxes on sale at Lincraft, bargain - thanks for all the tips though and I am now sad I didn't see the Kikki-k animal boxes first!!!!) and throwing stuff out. So not a fun, but a necessary weekend. Hope yours was a little better!


Kitty said...

Hey yo,

Where can i find Queens work? Can't track a website.


Georgie Love said...

Oh dear, I don't know why Blogger are making my link wiggy, but it is: