Thursday, August 21, 2008

A stroke of genius and the out right theivery of it

I read with great (and excited) interest about the great OUTSOURCED APRON CRAFTING ADVENTURE undertaken by the lovely CurlyPops. I LOVE both the idea (well noted: Sal is both crafty challenged, time poor and most importantly LAZY) and the apron (cute aprons used to be a theme of my etsy favourites), however I am going to be cheeky and steal the idea. I hope that is ok.

WHAT I NEED - um... about 2 metres of fabric bunting. The nursery has sloping ceilings with an apexy bit (I really should take a photograph, here is my stroke of GENIUS, I will DRAW IT) - but anyway, where I will be putting the crib is inbetween this sloping part and I have wanted to get some bunting to hang in there, but everything I find on etsy for baby rooms is way too pink and way too expensive for shipping.

It should be easy (for those that way inclined), there is a really flexible time frame for sewing - I am not due till the start of November, so anytime in October would be great. As for colours... I don't know. Nothing too pink and floral. The colours in the room are dark brown (crib, exposed beams, change table, picture frames), off white (walls), honey brown (this odd swedish steam room looking wall behind the crib)... um and the colours of the stuff in the room - the blankets I have bought for the crib are gorgeous, but grey:

So some colour needed. Anything should match. I am pretty easy to please. I don't have any fabric chosen or bought, but could definitely buy and supply if needed.

Could anyone help? You tell me what I need to pay you and I will pay you in dollars, love and Georgie kisses (and if dog slobber doesn't take your fancy, some baked delights instead).


Indy Boo said...

Darling sweet Sal.... I'd love to make you some bunting!!! I can either make it from my stash and screen/stamp some too (thinking browns and greens but let me know. Or you can purchase some fabric and send it over (or get an etsy shop too!) so you get exactly what you want. Email me so I can get an idea of what you want. Thinking nature; trees, leaves, owls, birds, bees etc. No charge.... love for your little bundle. Deb xx

CurlyPops said...

Its such a cool idea to outsource things that you can't do and swap for things that you can do!
I've never tried bunting before...I better have a practice in case anyone else needs some outsourcing. I love your diagram of the baby's room. That would look really sweet framed on the wall.

potty mouth mama said...

Genius!! Love this idea. Hope you get your bunting. I'd do it if I could sew better than a wonky line..

jodi said...

Yes you need to frame that drawing! It's priceless. And will be so nice for bubby to reflect on when she is old enough. Hope your agitated legs are nice and relaxed

CurlyPops said...

Hi Sally
I couldn't find your email address to reply but any online selling advice would be very much appreciated!
Cam xx

Penny said...

I love your drawings! I think they're bold, and unique.

Michelle said...

Such a great idea! Crafty outsourcing. I love it. The room is going to look so cute for the bebe.