Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The week, so far...

Things occupying my mind this week:

1. Putting shoes on - SUCH A CHORE. I can no longer see my feet and I can't even comprehend another 10 weeks of growing. CAN NOT COMPREHEND. Dr-Mr would help me, but I don't want to get him involved until it's unavoidable. I have PRIDE. Well at least until I am on maternity leave and then it's slippers and thongs land for me. George will just have to wait for me to awkwardly tie my laces for our walks in the morning, no matter HOW IMPATIENT he gets. Shut up George, you tie them up for me then.

2. I now have to hold my breath to bend over and pick up anything off the floor. So I now try to avoid bending over at all costs. If I drop food on the floor (again: I'm clumsy, highly likely), it's George's. I think I will have to ramp up George's walks to make up for the extra dropped snacks. George, very happy at the state of affairs.

3. Stephanie Alexander taught me this week that if you add about half a cup of milk to the boiling water for cooking corn on the cob (which I eat loads of, I LOVE corn), it enhances the flavour and makes it taste "freshly picked". I don't know if I just had a batch of really good corn or not, but it was SO DELICIOUS. Worth a try anyway. Corn, butter and some sea salt = simple perfection.

4. I know I complain a lot but life is pretty sweet. This morning my email was filled with lovely mails from friends and people who send mail George and I to tell us how happy they are with their Georgie Love orders - which makes us SO happy. I am always amazed when people take the time out to tell us how pleased they are with everything. It's so unexpected and SO lovely. It's so easy to be a nameless-faceless store front here on the internerd and we (George and I) work hard to make everything as personal as possible - so people responding to that = much joy. It is something that makes me very happy.

5. The Post Box was filled with good things this morning. As much as everyone else, I LOVE receiving packages - even if I bought whatever and know what is inside.

6. After a few weekends of not uploading many new things on Georgie Love (apart from some VERY cute sock monkeys), this weekend looks pretty action packed on the website front. Stay tuned, lots of new goodness coming.

7. If you've eaten all the dark chocolate in the house (a pretty consistent craving, I didn't even like dark chocolate very much before) and you are desperate for something sweet, putting a jar of Nutella in the microwave for 20 seconds and attacking it with a spoon is a pretty decent substitute. Never mind the fact that your sticky brown smeared mouth and lips is fairly revolting for your usually patient and loving partner.


Shannon said...

Hm know what you mean about the chocolate cravings! Another useful substitute is dried dates - microwave them for 10 seconds and they go all caramel like. If you have any choc chips lying around throw some of those in too, the warm dates will melt them. So so good!

Beck said...

couldn't agree more on the date front, they are especially good if you stuff them full of walnuts too - and this is from a serious chocolate lover!!
And dont worry too much about the not seeing your toes anymore - even while you're still at work you could assume a 'casual friday' approach and don the thong with tabi toe sock... by the last month all I could get my feet into were birkenstocks and that was by touch only!!

jodi said...

ok so this is the 'pre-natal yoga teacher' coming out in me but if you do need to pick something up off the the floor, squat instead of bending. Squatting is great prep for birth - it open and releases the hips. Yes, my last 10 weeks were interesting - I blew up because I love chocolate and cravings are oh so hard to resist when your pregnant. And then I went to 42 weeks pregnant so you can imagine the size of my booty. I put on 24kg ahhh, surprisingly, 11months later it has all disappeared thanks to breastfeeding (like running 6km a day my doc told me) and eating well (although I'm currently eating rocky road with my tea).

And if you are finding that you are really breathless it is a sure sign that you have low iron! One of the most interesting facts I discovered during pregnancy.

Daisy said...

You could always get some royal elastics - no laces!

BigCat said...

You could treat yourself to a nice pair of Birkenstocks and survive pregnancy with slip ons.

I love all these little tips and tricks in this post.