Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yet another reason why my much-loved dog is incredibly lame.

Imagine this, it's 4am, you are not woken from your sleep by the gentle rain falling on the roof so peacefully... No. It's the tip-tap-tip-tap of an anxious dog running on wooden floorboards from one side of the bed to another, seeing if someone is awake and in control of THE SKY FALLING IN OBVIOUSLY. On your mat, George. Your mat which is less than 2 metres from me in the bed, where I can usually hear your OLD MAN SNORING, and YES GEORGE, SNORING IS better than the TIP-TAP-TIP-TAP-TIP-TAP of your paw anxiety.

Yes, my dog is scared of the rain. And as I lay there in bed listening to George settle back down as I tried to go back to sleep, I made a list in my head of ALL THE LAME THINGS MY DOG IS FRIGHTENED OF.

In no particular fear-based order, George is frightened of: soap bubbles, the clothes horse, balloons (the blow up variety, he does like to pretend to chase the hot air variety and thank the lord there are none in the hills as this used to cause great embarrassment of a morning in Fitzroy Gardens. Oh and he also used to try and chase TRAMS), squeaky toys, rain, wind, thunder, the backyard (this is not a joke, the back yard is a huge source of George anxiety), party blowers, old men in hats (again, not a joke), running taps, empty postage envelopes falling on his mat, the bathroom, matches and cigarette lighters (any localised flame that is not attached to a heater, which he loves).

I am sure there are many more, but that is all that spring to mind now.

Georgie I love you very much, but sheesh.


BigCat said...

Dear oh dear. Poor George. That's a long list. He's a spunk though - you gotta give him that.

MildlyCrafty said...

My dog is scared of the drain below our garden tap, he sometimes sneaks over to it and stretches out to see over the edge (like you would sneak up to the edge of a very scary cliff) and then skitters away. Very strange!

Poor Georgie's list is very long!

Daisy said...

Mimi chases trams too! There's an elevated tram line at Jubilee Park and she enjoys chasing the trams from one end of the park to the other. She also enjoys barking at/chasing joggers, cyclists, noisy utes, planes, garbage trucks & the cat!

Jules Knoblock said...

Poor Georgie!
It's so silly isn't it!? Hot air balloons are MUCH bigger than envelopes, and one would think they warrant more fear.
My dog Leela is scared of suitcases. And sometimes her own tail or shadow will give her a fright!
They both love chasing aeroplanes and hot air balloons and blimps in the sky too!!!
I hope you and Georgie are getting thru this wet weather ok... I know in my house I just have to ride it out before I even bother getting rid of the wet-dog smell and muddy paw prints. I swear, today they were like two drowned rats. *rolls eyes* :)