Friday, September 26, 2008

Georgie Update

Temperature 25 degrees. Windy but mostly fine. Georgie very happy to be back inside. The nightmare of being in the backyard is over.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Georgie, the loser dog of my heart.

Today is gorgeous. Perfect in fact (ok, shush about the wind). But the sun is out, it's warm, I am wearing bright red thongs at work that I have kicked off. Georgie-dog is outside enjoying the... outdoors.

Actually, Georgie HATES the backyard and will be sitting undercover in the laundry, resentfully trying to figure out WHY HE IS BEING PUNISHED SO. My dog. HATES. The backyard. People don't believe me, but he does (although he DOES LOVE walks, rides in the car and being anywhere that is not the backyard). HATES IT. We have a beautiful 3/4 acre fully fenced kind of wild wonderland full of plants and birds and all kinds of things to snuffle. It's a dog PARTY TOWN. He doesn't even like coming outside with us, if we are wandering around the property, he will come for a little bit, before BOLTING inside, nudging the door open with his nose.

And he will be sadly curled up in the laundry, sulking. Waiting for us to get home so he can get back in the safety of indoors.

Georgie is an RSPCA rescue, so obviously, he has his quirks (like an insane fear of bubbles and old men in hats). In his past life he lived in a 2 dog family, with a big white fluffy Samoyed who was the INSIDE dog and Georgie was the BACKYARD dog (his name then was also Scamp, so wrong), a guard dog who never went inside or for walks. George gets a lot of both now. He LOVES being inside (he has about 5 different mats throughout the house), in front of the heater... snuffling through the bin for snacks and barking at anyone who dares walk past the front of the property.

It's a beautiful day, everyone needs fresh air and sunshine... am I cruel for locking him outside while we are at work today? I think at some point instinct HAS to kick in and he will discover the joy of rolling in dirt and chasing bugs. Weirdo.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's a Sunday evening and I am hunched over my desk with sugar-free cordial uploading lovely new things to Georgie Love. And I am sitting here in just a singlet because I am so freaking hot at the moment. Dr-Mr is a cold fish and is huddled in front of the heater. We are polar opposites, I am currently sleeping with only a sheet and a mountain of pillows and have finally found the perfect temperature for me, while he is curled up under the doona, possibly shivering and wishing he could cuddle me and steal some of my HEAT. No. I LOVE you madly, but if you touch me with your oven-hot hands, I will bite you and become the much dreaded KICKING MACHINE.

Other than that, we currently stand at 33 weeks and this past week the whole pregnancy has turned over and I am suddenly in the tired tired and sleepy phase. Her head has moved down into a good position but I am shuffling along like a senior citizen (not a spritely one). Only 2 more weeks of the day job left and people are trying to tell me I will be bored on maternity leave, but HOW CAN THIS BE? I have a pile of about 5 books to read, movies to watch, friends to catch up with, Georgie Love work to contend with... all the stuff I don't usually have time for. I may even clean the bathroom cupboards. Yep, I have the big plans folks.

I had breakfast this morning (pancakes and bananas, perfect) with a very old friend visiting from Brisbane and called in to pick her up from her Mother's house. Her mother, while lovely, commented that I wasn't showing at all. Which is an odd thing to say. I tried to explain that while, yes, I am generally a comfortably chubbly lady, I have always had the hips, but generally no belly.


Thank you and it was lovely to see you too. (BAH!)

(at 18 weeks for comparison)

Never mind. I can't even imagine another 7 weeks of growing.

I also really love this photo. I would love to sit down with the bear for some tea and scones and a chat. I love bears, although I doubt he'd let me rub his ears, like Georgie does.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I am way too tired after a long and mostly fun weekend (driving-lesson and tired related bickering with Dr-Mr, not included) to properly take this on board, but I am a person who is always insisting they are going to (ONE DAY) properly learn to use Photoshop and Illustrator.... anyway, this is a Learn Photoshop In One Week tutorial. Interesting to me, so I thought maybe interesting to other people too!

Let's see how many months/years it takes me to get back to it.


Friday, September 12, 2008

I woke in a good mood this morning, well I woke and then laughed about 5 seconds after opening my eyes, which is almost the same thing. George, the unfortunate and mistreated soul that he is, missed going for a walk yesterday as I had to get up at ridiculous o'clock to get the smashed car to the smash repairers (where they are actually repairing it, insurance all sorted out, even though the repairs will costs double the cars value).

This morning he was INSISTENT that he would not be subjected to the same injustice again, so the first thing I see when I opened my eyes at the alarm is a dog sitting about 30cm away from my face STARING INTENTLY AND DETERMINEDLY at me.


Passive aggressive, much George? I did take him for a long walk in the Spring sunshine and it was the hard walk, where 3/4s of it is directly uphill and both of us struggle. Am I punishing either of us?

And yes Georgie, you are that round, as illustrated.

Other than that today, I have never really got into the whole Facebook and MySpace phenomenon. I have accounts, but I log in now and then, mainly because I like looking at people's photographs. I am sure I am doing myself a disservice by NOT paying them the attention or using them as the tools they are... but um... it's a time thing. Plus the idea of being in contact with everyone I have ever met in my life is quite odd. There are very good reasons why we are all not in contact with ex-boyfriends.

Anyway, this morning I DID set up Georgie with his very own Facebook account, feel free to come hang out with Georgie Love (or Sally Morrigan actually, as we roll as a pair, but George is the outgoing one) We are Georgie_Love on MySpace.

It's supposed to be 23 degrees in Melbourne tomorrow! Spring perfection! Much joy! I hope your weekend is certifiably A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Or even fairly wonderful will do.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pretty, pretty songs

This is the sort of thing we listen to on a spring evening when we are at home putting together packages. I am a folky-pop-indie devotee (almost shamefully, predictably so). I really like the whole album, so pretty and moody... but she is only 18. Bah. I am getting old.

Cute & crafty clip too.

Further Dumb Adventures of Sal & Georgie

FINALLY, IT'S HERE. But oh, maybe go ahead and lower your expectations a little bit...yesss... a little bit more. Right, ok.

I did something either incredibly brillant or stupid. I taught my dog to climb. George, love him, is otherwise a very awkward dog. We are well matched in that way, we both love lazing around and snacking. Built for comfort not speed. Anyway, on weekends we often go to local primary schools for off-lead runs which are good on two fronts 1) there are never any other dogs or people around and 2) little kids are as clumsy as us and it's a vegiemite sandwich and crust wonderland for George.

Our local primary school has a lot of play equipment and Dr-Mr and I spent a lot of time there over summer playing with George and teaching him how to jump over logs, crawl under tyres and... climb log ladders up to platforms. He took to it all like a champ and genuinely loved it.

Last Saturday we hadn't been there for a while, so I ran around with George, up on stuff, over logs and then I ran up the ramp and called him over.

George, unfortunately, did not decide to climb that ramp, he climbed this one.

Which was all the way over there, compared to where I was.

And once up, there really is no way for a chubby boy to get down. It's over 6 feet high and dogs can't climb down log fences and don't really traverse tyre and chain bridges.

Which Georgie soon nervously realises.

And as a 31 weeks, roundy pregnant woman, I could not carry a 32 kilo dog down the log ladder.

So I sat down with George (who was glad for the company), got the mobile out and tried to give an SOS call to Dr-Mr, who was on a driving lesson. Dr-Mr has his phone on him about 0.2% of the time, so I had to call around to find a number for his instructor. Who finally answered after about 3 or 4 separate calls.

"Uh Hi, this is Sally, Dr-Mr's partner... I am SO SO sorry to interrupt, I know Dr-Mr is driving... can you please tell him that we are at the Primary School and George is stuck up the log ramp again*, and we need rescuing? Uh-huh. Yep... he's a little heavy and it's a little high for me to carry him down. Ok, so you will be here ASAP? Excellent, again, I am SO SORRY for the interruption, but it's kind of an emergency. Thanks, see you soon"

We waited....

Very patiently...

Until finally, after about 45 minutes, our rescue team arrived. George started barking with joy and relief when he saw Dr-Mr, who immediately climbed up the log ladder, got Georgie firmly in his arms and carried him down. George did victory-joy laps around the rescue party. Me, having my own idiot moment, forgot to photograph that last moment (mostly because when they arrived I was a little cranky and hormonal-teary from sitting in the freezing cold on a log with a nervous dog).

Like most things he does, I am always half amazed and appalled at Georgie. He is very lovable and a goofball but certainly not a wonderdog. He is my best friend though. Georgie went home and snored loudly in front of the heater for the rest of the day.

(*this is actually the second time George has done this and required rescue. I think his climb up the log ladder is both gutsy and quite skilled, but at the same time so stupid.)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


In the past month 14 people have found Georgie Love by googling my name. I find that really odd. Being not an artist type with a brand or label, but a fairly shy nerd-lady who hides behind a badly behaved ginger dog.

It's ok, it's a very small portion of traffic and several hundred googled Georgie Love or something similar. One person came to the site by googling Moo Moo Shop, which I can only envisage is this cow themed shop in Gippsland.

Ok, on closer inspection, do you know what is REALLY ODD. THREE separate people found Georgie Love by googling the term "LITTLE PEOPLE HAVING BABIES".

I think I need to get out more. Or maybe they do. I am confused.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wonderful Things

Have you heard about Spoonflower? It's a website driven by crafty folk where you can create and upload your own fabric designs for custom printing. How awesome is that?

It's still in beta phase, so invitations are only sent out in weekly handfuls - I think I might have signed up a month or even two ago (don't talk to me about time lines at the moment, I have no idea if something happened last week or 7 years ago) and I just received an account invitation today. I love this idea and I think it gives budding design folk a chance to try out designs, without having to commit to a whole ream of fabric (you can print swatches / yards and more)

I signed up because I had grand ideas of fabric design at the time (I am all inspiration, partial motivation and minimal skill).

I do like polka dots... I have simple tastes.

And stripes.

I'll keep working on it.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Ok, so I have been STRUCK DOWN BY THE LAZIES, so I haven't posted my Georgie-dog story yet (and it's a pretty good one, with photos and everything), but until I DO, check out these new things on Georgie Love.

I have a big kind of artist-crush on Sarah Strickland. I always love what she makes and she is just a SWEETHEART. So much love and care goes into each of her pieces, she even handwrites little letters to the recipients of her bags and things, explaining where she got the fabric from and the like. I am a huge fan of small touches and her work is chock-full of them. Oh, did I also mention she is hilarious and currently in New York (after a long tour of Europe)? I like her too much to be SICK WITH ENVY (just... ok, it's touch and go).


Anyway, the other wonderful new thing on Georgie Love comes into the form of Lauren Williams. I discovered Lauren through her blog - I have discovered a new and currently underdeveloped big love for blogs from crafty ladies and their toddlers. Anyway, I found that Lauren makes beautiful and striking jewellery from Chiyogami paper and Mother of Pearl. Beautiful! I can't imagine any of it sticking around for very long.

Oh in in the segment I would like to call READ THE **&^&*^* MANUAL, I have had the same digital SLR that I use for the site for 2.5 years that I have been doing it, and I only JUST ON THE WEEKEND found a little button that corrects the overwhelming blue that comes occassionally when shooting in natural light / clouds etc. I have been meaning to read the manual for TWO AND A HALF years (yes, 2.5). I NEVER HAVE and I FOUND THIS BUTTON BY ACCIDENT. By George (literally), it is going to change my life.

I have a light box, light cube (I put this to one side when one of the lights literally exploded in my hand), and I tell you, a plain piece of paper and some natural (muted) light beats them all. Yes, I am at the mercy of nature, but really, when am I not?

Oh and for those who ask - 31.5 weeks, still fit and very well, except I now... officially... waddle in the afternoons. And I have a foot sticking out the top of my belly button right now and it feels as awkward as it looks.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I have two things I want to type up, one is the CRAP WEEK we had last week and the other one is DUMB ADVENTURES WITH MY DOG. So, the bad before the good. CRAP WEEK.

Well, last week was crap. It had some good parts (we bought a new second hand car, an EXTREMELY BRIGHT AQUA Mazda 2, that we have named Honkey). You will definitely see us coming! Last week was such a bad week on the roads, well the roads and everywhere, did you notice that? Everyone was so cranky and aggressive and tired.

So last Wednesday a P Plater ran into the back of our old car at the lights last Wednesday and it's been a complete drama getting them to get it fixed. Cause that car is a bomb barely worth $1500 (but a very reliable and much loved little Mazda 121), we only had third party insurance on it. I never realised that even if you are not at fault, with 3rd party, your insurance company will not do anything about it - you have to go through their insurance company and they will not do anything unless their client lodges a claim. So the P-Platers dad is coming out to look at the damage tonight and thinks "we can sort it out without the insurance companies". Look, I don't care how it's fixed, please just fix it. The boot won't shut now, so the battery keeps draining. UGH.

Oh and Spring is here, I love it. Everything just feels a little shinier and happier. I had a hospital appointment yesterday, everything is a-ok with baby girl, so that's another good thing (although the Obstetrician was an ass, in my THREE MINUTE appointment after waiting over half an hour for, I asked ONE QUESTION which was due to the strange location of kicks, could he point out which way she was lying and you would have thought I asked him for $50 and a lapdance he was SO PUT OUT).

miss b├ęba
is also making me happy. Cute accessories = Happy Maker. Although comparing how nice things look on my Mac at home, to the PC at work, not as happy making. I need to buy some new lamps for my light cube. Note to self.

It's a new week and this is going to be a much better one, right? Yes indeed, I agree. Dumb Dog story coming soon.