Thursday, September 25, 2008

Georgie, the loser dog of my heart.

Today is gorgeous. Perfect in fact (ok, shush about the wind). But the sun is out, it's warm, I am wearing bright red thongs at work that I have kicked off. Georgie-dog is outside enjoying the... outdoors.

Actually, Georgie HATES the backyard and will be sitting undercover in the laundry, resentfully trying to figure out WHY HE IS BEING PUNISHED SO. My dog. HATES. The backyard. People don't believe me, but he does (although he DOES LOVE walks, rides in the car and being anywhere that is not the backyard). HATES IT. We have a beautiful 3/4 acre fully fenced kind of wild wonderland full of plants and birds and all kinds of things to snuffle. It's a dog PARTY TOWN. He doesn't even like coming outside with us, if we are wandering around the property, he will come for a little bit, before BOLTING inside, nudging the door open with his nose.

And he will be sadly curled up in the laundry, sulking. Waiting for us to get home so he can get back in the safety of indoors.

Georgie is an RSPCA rescue, so obviously, he has his quirks (like an insane fear of bubbles and old men in hats). In his past life he lived in a 2 dog family, with a big white fluffy Samoyed who was the INSIDE dog and Georgie was the BACKYARD dog (his name then was also Scamp, so wrong), a guard dog who never went inside or for walks. George gets a lot of both now. He LOVES being inside (he has about 5 different mats throughout the house), in front of the heater... snuffling through the bin for snacks and barking at anyone who dares walk past the front of the property.

It's a beautiful day, everyone needs fresh air and sunshine... am I cruel for locking him outside while we are at work today? I think at some point instinct HAS to kick in and he will discover the joy of rolling in dirt and chasing bugs. Weirdo.


potty mouth mama said...

Poor, poor Georgie!! I like being inside too. Maybe he and I can buddy up.

Lucky you rescued him from living with a giant, white fluff ball. I commiserate.

CurlyPops said...

I think Georgie is very sweet! At least he wants to stay home. My dog keeps running away to my mums house so a few months ago I just left him there. He is now the Foster Dog.

Hey Harriet said...

Oh my dog Sophie is exactly the same regarding the backyard. So weird. And frustrating! I especially chose this current house because of the nice big backyard for Soph, yet she refuses to spend any time in it. She's very much an inside dog also. Dogs & their funny little quirks :)