Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I have two things I want to type up, one is the CRAP WEEK we had last week and the other one is DUMB ADVENTURES WITH MY DOG. So, the bad before the good. CRAP WEEK.

Well, last week was crap. It had some good parts (we bought a new second hand car, an EXTREMELY BRIGHT AQUA Mazda 2, that we have named Honkey). You will definitely see us coming! Last week was such a bad week on the roads, well the roads and everywhere, did you notice that? Everyone was so cranky and aggressive and tired.

So last Wednesday a P Plater ran into the back of our old car at the lights last Wednesday and it's been a complete drama getting them to get it fixed. Cause that car is a bomb barely worth $1500 (but a very reliable and much loved little Mazda 121), we only had third party insurance on it. I never realised that even if you are not at fault, with 3rd party, your insurance company will not do anything about it - you have to go through their insurance company and they will not do anything unless their client lodges a claim. So the P-Platers dad is coming out to look at the damage tonight and thinks "we can sort it out without the insurance companies". Look, I don't care how it's fixed, please just fix it. The boot won't shut now, so the battery keeps draining. UGH.

Oh and Spring is here, I love it. Everything just feels a little shinier and happier. I had a hospital appointment yesterday, everything is a-ok with baby girl, so that's another good thing (although the Obstetrician was an ass, in my THREE MINUTE appointment after waiting over half an hour for, I asked ONE QUESTION which was due to the strange location of kicks, could he point out which way she was lying and you would have thought I asked him for $50 and a lapdance he was SO PUT OUT).

miss béba
is also making me happy. Cute accessories = Happy Maker. Although comparing how nice things look on my Mac at home, to the PC at work, not as happy making. I need to buy some new lamps for my light cube. Note to self.

It's a new week and this is going to be a much better one, right? Yes indeed, I agree. Dumb Dog story coming soon.


CurlyPops said...

Why is it that P Platers can't find the brake pedal? I had the same thing happen to me while I was stopped at a red light.
I'm very glad that the little baby girl is doing well (even if the Dr is an ass)!

Shannon said...

Perhaps your old Mazda is upset it's been replaced by a shiny new model. When I decided to trade in my old Corolla for a newer one, so many things went wrong! Head gasket blew, window got stuck in wound down position during a thunderstorm, and then I locked my keys in the car. Of course my male friend who tried to break in damaged the lock, so from then on I had to climb across from the passenger seat. I was quite happy the day I said goodbye to that car.

jodi said...

A p-plater recently ran into my partner's car and she ended up telling him while discussing insurance etc that she was 12weeks pregnant. Then her dad turns up and details get exchanged and on leaving my partner says: "Oh, and congratulations" and the girls dad says: "For what?" He didn't know! I just couldn't get over it.

Cute hair bobbles...very cute