Friday, September 12, 2008

I woke in a good mood this morning, well I woke and then laughed about 5 seconds after opening my eyes, which is almost the same thing. George, the unfortunate and mistreated soul that he is, missed going for a walk yesterday as I had to get up at ridiculous o'clock to get the smashed car to the smash repairers (where they are actually repairing it, insurance all sorted out, even though the repairs will costs double the cars value).

This morning he was INSISTENT that he would not be subjected to the same injustice again, so the first thing I see when I opened my eyes at the alarm is a dog sitting about 30cm away from my face STARING INTENTLY AND DETERMINEDLY at me.


Passive aggressive, much George? I did take him for a long walk in the Spring sunshine and it was the hard walk, where 3/4s of it is directly uphill and both of us struggle. Am I punishing either of us?

And yes Georgie, you are that round, as illustrated.

Other than that today, I have never really got into the whole Facebook and MySpace phenomenon. I have accounts, but I log in now and then, mainly because I like looking at people's photographs. I am sure I am doing myself a disservice by NOT paying them the attention or using them as the tools they are... but um... it's a time thing. Plus the idea of being in contact with everyone I have ever met in my life is quite odd. There are very good reasons why we are all not in contact with ex-boyfriends.

Anyway, this morning I DID set up Georgie with his very own Facebook account, feel free to come hang out with Georgie Love (or Sally Morrigan actually, as we roll as a pair, but George is the outgoing one) We are Georgie_Love on MySpace.

It's supposed to be 23 degrees in Melbourne tomorrow! Spring perfection! Much joy! I hope your weekend is certifiably A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Or even fairly wonderful will do.


BigCat said...

I agree. Lots of good reasons why we don't keep in contact with everyone we ever met. I could never get into Facebook and My Space at all and don't think I ever will.

Hope you have a great weekend too.

potty mouth mama said...

Ha!! That is such a funny story - poor Georgie! And poor you doing inclines - how many weeks to go?!

I agree about Facebook. I go on it all the time, but there are some people that have befriended me and I don't even remember ever having conversations with them.. Why the heck would I let them look at my pics? CREEPY!