Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's a Sunday evening and I am hunched over my desk with sugar-free cordial uploading lovely new things to Georgie Love. And I am sitting here in just a singlet because I am so freaking hot at the moment. Dr-Mr is a cold fish and is huddled in front of the heater. We are polar opposites, I am currently sleeping with only a sheet and a mountain of pillows and have finally found the perfect temperature for me, while he is curled up under the doona, possibly shivering and wishing he could cuddle me and steal some of my HEAT. No. I LOVE you madly, but if you touch me with your oven-hot hands, I will bite you and become the much dreaded KICKING MACHINE.

Other than that, we currently stand at 33 weeks and this past week the whole pregnancy has turned over and I am suddenly in the tired tired and sleepy phase. Her head has moved down into a good position but I am shuffling along like a senior citizen (not a spritely one). Only 2 more weeks of the day job left and people are trying to tell me I will be bored on maternity leave, but HOW CAN THIS BE? I have a pile of about 5 books to read, movies to watch, friends to catch up with, Georgie Love work to contend with... all the stuff I don't usually have time for. I may even clean the bathroom cupboards. Yep, I have the big plans folks.

I had breakfast this morning (pancakes and bananas, perfect) with a very old friend visiting from Brisbane and called in to pick her up from her Mother's house. Her mother, while lovely, commented that I wasn't showing at all. Which is an odd thing to say. I tried to explain that while, yes, I am generally a comfortably chubbly lady, I have always had the hips, but generally no belly.


Thank you and it was lovely to see you too. (BAH!)

(at 18 weeks for comparison)

Never mind. I can't even imagine another 7 weeks of growing.

I also really love this photo. I would love to sit down with the bear for some tea and scones and a chat. I love bears, although I doubt he'd let me rub his ears, like Georgie does.


Michelle said...

I LOVE THIS PHOTO OF THE BEAR! I love bears too.

And you so totally DO look pregnant. Silly woman who said you didn't!

mariannealice said...

Just love a belly shot and yours is looking superb and so definitely pregnant!
The bear shot is great. Love a bear shot.Not to sure about sitting down for tea and talk- he looks a little grumpy to me.Hungry too.

potty mouth mama said...

Your belly looks beautiful!

People say the strangest things to pregnant women - don't they? They feel like they have every liberty to just say whatever.. Weird.

Anyway, you look wonderful and in full bloom.

And as for getting bored - no way jose - I loved those four weeks off!!