Monday, September 08, 2008

Ok, so I have been STRUCK DOWN BY THE LAZIES, so I haven't posted my Georgie-dog story yet (and it's a pretty good one, with photos and everything), but until I DO, check out these new things on Georgie Love.

I have a big kind of artist-crush on Sarah Strickland. I always love what she makes and she is just a SWEETHEART. So much love and care goes into each of her pieces, she even handwrites little letters to the recipients of her bags and things, explaining where she got the fabric from and the like. I am a huge fan of small touches and her work is chock-full of them. Oh, did I also mention she is hilarious and currently in New York (after a long tour of Europe)? I like her too much to be SICK WITH ENVY (just... ok, it's touch and go).


Anyway, the other wonderful new thing on Georgie Love comes into the form of Lauren Williams. I discovered Lauren through her blog - I have discovered a new and currently underdeveloped big love for blogs from crafty ladies and their toddlers. Anyway, I found that Lauren makes beautiful and striking jewellery from Chiyogami paper and Mother of Pearl. Beautiful! I can't imagine any of it sticking around for very long.

Oh in in the segment I would like to call READ THE **&^&*^* MANUAL, I have had the same digital SLR that I use for the site for 2.5 years that I have been doing it, and I only JUST ON THE WEEKEND found a little button that corrects the overwhelming blue that comes occassionally when shooting in natural light / clouds etc. I have been meaning to read the manual for TWO AND A HALF years (yes, 2.5). I NEVER HAVE and I FOUND THIS BUTTON BY ACCIDENT. By George (literally), it is going to change my life.

I have a light box, light cube (I put this to one side when one of the lights literally exploded in my hand), and I tell you, a plain piece of paper and some natural (muted) light beats them all. Yes, I am at the mercy of nature, but really, when am I not?

Oh and for those who ask - 31.5 weeks, still fit and very well, except I now... officially... waddle in the afternoons. And I have a foot sticking out the top of my belly button right now and it feels as awkward as it looks.


BigCat said...

That travel wallet is pretty spec!! Love it. I just need the trip to match.

Michelle said...

The new stuff is sweet! Especially the travelling wallet.

31.5 weeks! Where does the time go?!

Jules Knoblock said...

I am also struck down by the lazies. Probably a combination of a sore back, seven trips to the dunny last night and growing a human being inside :) Maybe!?

And you beat me to it! I was going to tell you about the little award but you saw it first! haha

New stuff looks great. And the day I work out the digital camera will be the day after I receive a brain transplant.

Lauren said...

Thanks Sally! The photo's look gorgeous. Enjoy your last few weeks of being preggers :-)

Sarah said...

Oh, jeez, thanks Sal! I reckon your pretty spec too!!!
Safely back in Melbs now and feeling slightly less zombie like for the eight thousand cups of tea I have had in the 48 or so hours we have been home. Can't wait to get out my little sewing machine again though and get bi-zay!

potty mouth mama said...

Totally loving those Sarah Strickland pieces - they are the bomb. And then some.