Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wonderful Things

Have you heard about Spoonflower? It's a website driven by crafty folk where you can create and upload your own fabric designs for custom printing. How awesome is that?

It's still in beta phase, so invitations are only sent out in weekly handfuls - I think I might have signed up a month or even two ago (don't talk to me about time lines at the moment, I have no idea if something happened last week or 7 years ago) and I just received an account invitation today. I love this idea and I think it gives budding design folk a chance to try out designs, without having to commit to a whole ream of fabric (you can print swatches / yards and more)

I signed up because I had grand ideas of fabric design at the time (I am all inspiration, partial motivation and minimal skill).

I do like polka dots... I have simple tastes.

And stripes.

I'll keep working on it.