Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby still naughty and upside down. Well, not upside down, she is bobbing her head just under my ribs and everytime she kicks I try and give her a little nudge to the left or right in encouragement, but no... stubborn lady. I keep telling myself that she has time as I sit in odd and awkward yoga positions to encourage her to ENGAGE. Bah.

No one told me how emotional that one gets in the last month - I fortunately have been very un-hormonal and crazy through the pregnancy (Dr-Mr claims that it settled me down and made me more sane), however that is all out of the window for now. So far this week I have cried at lame and stupid things. I started listing them as usually I am not at all shy in showcasing my shame and stupidity, however my hormones ARE PREVENTING ME. Even I am too ashamed at how far I have fallen. Ahhhh...

Not much other news, am slowly, slowly updating Georgie Love with some lovely new things in the background and keep getting distracted by these guys squawking on the balcony behind me.

Look at their overall cheekiness!

In non-baby making news, Georgie Love will have VERY, VERY SOON the big changes/announcements/big time news that we have been alluding to for a while now. SO EXCITING.


Betty Jo said...

Turn baby turn.I'm sending you engagement vibes. I went to a 60's party at 39 weeks and the go go dancing did the trick!
Big changes at Georgie exciting. (I can't imagine it being any better than it already is!)xxliz

Soph said...

I can remember sobbing at "Tenterfield Saddler" by Peter Allen when I was about to give birth to Milo.

Sarah said...

Maybe you could try singing "Burn, baby, burn, Disco Inferno" but replace the word "Burn" with "Turn".
Get it?!
We were a bit scared of the "Magic Atmosphere" I just don't know why the kid needs the bib.... What is going on in there?!
I tell ya though, Turkey is a goldmine for inappropriate signage.

BigCat said...

Look at those lovely cheeky birds. They look like they own the joint. How fabulous to see them so up close and personal.

I hope the baby turns very soon and that you survive the crazy hormones. I'm not even pregnant and I get crazy like that at times.

I'm hanging out to know what changes are in the wings.