Friday, October 31, 2008

mmmm... cookies and cream ice cream. It's been an odd morning and I needed something sweet and decadenty this afternoon. I had my first pregnancy related fall this morning whilst walking George. Annoying - although the good part is that Dr-Mr is now officially also on leave for the next 2-3 MONTHS and he said he would come dog-walking with me every day now (and take George on the lead, so I can focus on keeping my SURE FOOTING). Didn't fall on the belly, more ungraciously knees and hands first, which slid out to ALMOST belly. We saw a massive dog wandering on his own off lead further down the road, so we decided that was an indication that the walk should be cut a little short and we went home. And because I am lady hormones, I cried when telling Dr-Mr that I fell over. Bah! Or that should be WAH!

That was followed by an Acupuncture/Cupping session with my Chinese Medicine Doc (supposed to create shorter, easier labour -worth a shot!), some spicy noodle stir fry and a midwife appointment at the hospital (baby very healthy, unphased by earlier gravelly mishap and measuring spot on, I just wish she was closer to COMING OUT). Then quick supermarket trip and home. Now I am tired and it's NAPTIME.

But briefly, I wanted to say that the feedback we have received on the new Georgie Love site is so AWESOME! I have been so excited about it all week and have had nothing but the loveliest, most supportive emails. So thank you all very much. Yay! We've also been mentioned around the traps a bit too, including:

Australia's own Indie Blog, run by the ever lovely Carolyn gave us a lovely big write up, and if you go and nominate your favourite Georgie item, you can easily win a $50 gift voucher! It's worth a crack. I have a collection of stuff for a giveaway here, but I am holding off until MORE REST is forthcoming. More rest = more coherent conversation.

And quite seriously, one of our other favourite indie-related blogs is the US-based Indie Love (have to automatically love that name too). Run by another lovely craft lady, Kristen, who I swear has such similar taste to me that for me visiting the site is a very dangerous and expensive operation. But for our US friends, with the US dollar so strong again against the AUS one, it's a good shopping move, particularly in time for Christmas.


Betty Jo said...

Yep, that wonky centre of gravity will get ya!
Another nice GeorgieLove link:
(not sure if you already veiwed it)

potty mouth mama said...

Don't worry - I slid over when I was 36 weeks, grabbed the arm of the closest person as I was just about to topple over. He happened to be a very camp man who said 'Watch out' as I came precariously close to falling on my belly. Awful. As if I meant to!

Getting close now. Glad Dr-Mr can come with you on the walks, nice to have someone's hand to hold!

The site looks fab. I am gearing up to do my Christmas shopping soon, so have been browsing!