Friday, October 10, 2008


I went and saw a Chinese Medicine Doctor today, who came very highly recommended and was indeed awesome. He uses something called Moxie (god knows the spelling) sticks which can have up to 70% effectiveness in turning babies. He gave me a set and a board to use at home - with strict instructions to nap after (she won't move while I am doing it, but relaxing after apparently). She moved a lot this afternoon after the session, so I am sure a few more goes will HOPEFULLY put her in the right place. I just haven't napped yet, but I need to. Dr also said mum and bub were very healthy and baby would be very smart. I hope so, she can take after her super-brainy dad in that way.

Other hot tips from the Dr:

1. use a heat lamp after the birth to shrink the uterus and promote healing

2. drinking any soup made with pig trotters (as a stock, I had clarified, I won't be munching on piggy toes) will bring the milk in abundance

3. He also talked about a tea he would give me that helps with the healing stuff after the birth, which I won't go into any detail here for those who don't need to know at this point in their lives, but instead of 6 weeks it makes it 1 week. Much more convenient.

I of course asked what the hot tip was for a quicker and less painful labour and he said to come in for acupuncture a week before I am due. For $50, yes, I can certainly make that investment.

Two tiny Vietnamese ladies there both made the comment "OH MY GOD YOU'RE HUGE!" which was empowering, uplifting and delightful. I honestly didn't think my belly was THAT big, but even my mother who saw it yesterday questioned whether they had possibly dated me wrong. THANKS LADIES, I DIDN'T THINK I COULD POSSIBLY FEEL ANY HOTTER THAN I ALREADY DID. Turns out I was wrong.

Love to you all,
The Massive Waddling Caucasian Belly-Beast with Swollen Hands and Feet


CurlyPops said...

I think your belly is very cute! I'd pay $50 too if it would well spent.

potty mouth mama said...

Succulent wild woman - well that's what I called myself.. Saucy! Loving your beautiful belly.

Reflexology can help turn babies too. I had a tentative appointment booked just in case mine didn't turn, but she did turn - so here's hoping your little bebe does too!

I want to hear about this tea!!

mariannealice said...

Oh my god you're...looking absolutely perfectly pregnant!
mmm - pigs trotter soup sounds delightful(and so very Chinese Aunty advice.)

Michelle said...

Hope the remedy works for the stubborn wee one! Looking good, Sal!

Katherine said...

I keep forgetting to check your blog because I suck. But I need to get your home address, kitten, because I have something for you...

I hope the acupuncture makes your naughty baby turn around, and the whole labour/recovery bit easier. *hugs*

Kylie B said...

I wish you all the best I'm due next week, and trying everything to get this baby out of me LOL
Lost 2kgs been walking so much!

Ren said...

Got a friend who uses the acupuncture thing for her babies too. There's a special way of getting it done that induces labor so if you end up running "overtime", go and get that done. Guaranteed within 24-48 hours you'll be feeling the pinch. My friend's had three babies. :)

xXx said...

I can't wait to see that cutie inside!!!tc (^.^)