Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Overdue - update, that is

Blogtoberfest has kind of passed me by. I was totally keen to join Big Cat's wonderful month long commitment to daily blogging (I was sure I had the time and commitment), but it's now 8 October 2008 and this is my first post for the month... and maybe two weeks? Man, have I been SLACK. My time has been otherwise occupied with the following:

1. Finishing up at the day job and finally joining the league of maternity leave. Woo! It's actually a weird adjustment actually, I am not a person who does nothing very well. To be honest, one of the biggest fights Dr-Mr and I have had is over the word "relax" and my interpretation of it. It's the end of day 3 and I am starting to get in the swing of things. My routine currently contains dog walking, occasional yoga, house cleaning type things, naps and the Ellen show. Oh and Location, Location, Location and the Antiques Roadshow in the late afternoon. I am attempting a visit to the local cinema and perhaps shopping centre later this week.

2. Georgie Love has been busy both with new things, packing orders and we are in the midst (or start?) of a (not-so) secret update. AM EXCITED and will tell you of the news of it soon!

3. A naughty breech baby. She was supposed to be turned manually today, but the Dr didn't turn up. Which I was a little relieved about, I can't imagine that's going to be that comfortable for either of us, so we saw another Dr and had an ultrasound this afternoon. She might not have enough time to move herself in time, so it looks like MANUAL MOVEMENT TAKE 2 could happen next week. She's in the frank breech. Dr-Mr is convinced that this is to be expected, since baby is obviously naughty and with a mind of her own, like her mother. It doesn't fail to make me laugh at his shouting "TURN NOW, BABY!" down my belly button. Baby of course, like mother, has selective hearing. She is otherwise fine and healthy, there are no reasons other than her naughtiness for being in the position.

4. Being very almost 36 weeks pregnant is so freaking TIRING. I feel like a giant revolting blob of waddling baby belly, foot swelling, indigestion and crankiness. I am the hottest woman in the universe and no one shall take that title from me. When I lie down in bed, I lay there panting for a good minute or two until my lungs figure out a new way and space to breathe into. Nice, nay SEXY.

5. George is bossy and put out. His routine is all messed up with me being home and not walking him at 6:30 in the morning. You think he'd LOVE the company, but no. He wants breakfast and he wants a stroll NOW. Ok, now leave me alone to nap, fatty.

6. It's been so cold in the hills, looking forward to the sunshine later this week!


BigCat said...

It's good to catch up on your comings and goings. I hope Dr-Mr is all prepared for posting the announcement when it's time. We'll be waiting with baited breath.

Jules Knoblock said...

I'd love to know both your and Dr-Mr versions of what relaxation is :)
(ummm. you watch Ellen!? lol)

I was wondering about you all day yesterday but now it seems you have longer to wait for trial of baby-turning. Naughty baby!

And tell George to take a chill pill! :D

cheeky monkey said...

am so glad you're back. I have missed your blog!

Lauren said...

Check out this website

Hope bubby turns for you!